Amanda Marshall Lyrics

BORN: 1973

At the age of 23, Amanda Marshall is already becoming a
music sensation. Her self titled debut album "Amanda
Marshall" was nominated for a Juno in 1996 for Best New
Solo Artist, and has sold over 1,000,000 copies.

The Toronto, Ontario native started her singing history
at the early age of 3 when her parents enrolled her in the
toddlers program at Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music.
But by her mid teens she new that it was time to persue
something different than the classic music venue that she
was used to.


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Submit Amanda Marshall New Lyrics

Review about Amanda Marshall songs
Greatest | Reviewer: Danielle
    ------ About the song Marry Me performed by Amanda Marshall

I was thinking this is more of a review of the song... not the typed lyrics.

My opinion of the song is that it's the greatest. I love to listen to this song and think about the love of my life. We live for love and this song makes me feel it.

Incredible | Reviewer: Kaysha
    ------ About the song Beautiful Goodbye performed by Amanda Marshall

I grew up as a child listening to Amanda Marshall, and although this isn't the type of music I generally listen to now, she is incredible. I love all of her songs. When I sing them, I cry because of the intense emotion and honesty in her music. This is true music, she's so talented.

She Puts The Soul in Soulful! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beautiful Goodbye performed by Amanda Marshall

Amanda Marshall is Awesome and saddly mostly unknown in the U.S. Birmingham was her only hit here that I'm aware of and it got me to buy her album. So glad I did. She is such a soulful, honest singer. I love this song and love her!

He broke my heart | Reviewer: Einat
    ------ About the song I'll Be Okay performed by Amanda Marshall

After hearing this song i know the right thing to do is to say goodbye. He's a good friend but he doesn't diserve a friend like me. Starting tomorrow i'll search for a new love.
Wish you hapinesse and all the best.

The moment just passed by.. | Reviewer: Brocken too
    ------ About the song I'll Be Okay performed by Amanda Marshall

I expected everything.That he will meet some other pretty girl. That I will be somewhere else in a beautiful place and I won't even remember, that this was the first time I ever realy love somebody.Everything. But not this.One and a half year later he is dead.Sometimes it just can't be OK.

Top 10 | Reviewer: Matyas
    ------ About the song Beautiful Goodbye performed by Amanda Marshall

I am not quite sure what got into me this week, but after knowing of this song for well over 10 years, I suddenly became very smitten with it. I decided to listen to it via the video over the internet. If there is a fault in this piece, be it the instrumental, the lyrics, the video production, or Marshall's singing, I am at a loss to find it. It is, quite frankly, a perfect song - catchy even. In my honest opinion, it is one of Canada's best ever (top 10 all time for sure). I am only sorry for not realizing Marshall's brilliance sooner. Please, listen to this masterpiece!

Trust me this is love | Reviewer: Gloria
    ------ About the song Trust Me (This Is Love) performed by Amanda Marshall

This is a beautiful song that my sweetie introduced me to a year ago when he took me in his arms and we danced to it in the dining room. He died a few weeks later but this song will always remind me of his love for me.

i'll be okay | Reviewer: broken
    ------ About the song I'll Be Okay performed by Amanda Marshall

Listening to it now. It gives me a little strange feeling about a past love. But it really helps me to believe that everything will be okay. And indeed after a year and a half, i guess i accepted that we can never be more than what we became..
Like the lyrics said
"i can't recreate
what just might have been"
i can't do anything about it anymore. I just wish him happiness and for me as well. And soon i'll find someone who is destined to love me.

This song hits me right in the heart | Reviewer: Jenny
    ------ About the song Give Up Giving In performed by Amanda Marshall

My 15 year old son took off last summer to live with my estranged parents and they've turned him into something I don't even recognize anymore. This song says alot for me, the lyrics are haunting. All the sacrifices and heartache I've endured made me "give up, and give in". Amanda is a extrodinary woman with alot of feeling and soul in her music.

i love this song | Reviewer: hazel
    ------ About the song Let It Rain performed by Amanda Marshall

i love the song my mom was listening to this song in her car and i actually fell in love with the song too and amanda marshall has a nice powerful voice that i like

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