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Following two No. 1 Radio Disney songs, “No One” from the
“Ice Princess” film soundtrack and “Do You Believe In
Magic”, (the single for which has sold over 50,000 copies),
sister duo Aly & AJ will release their debut project, INTO
THE RUSH, to the general market August 16th and to the CBA
market October 4th on Hollywood Records.

Having developed a strong passion for music at very young
ages and playing the piano since they were six years old,
Aly & AJ now 16 and 14, compose most of their songs on
their guitars. The energy and spirit More...

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Review about Aly & AJ songs
austin mahone | Reviewer: Alexis Jade Alexander
    ------ About the song Jingle Bell Rock performed by Aly & AJ

Dear Austin Mahone i am 16 year old 10th grade i go to Braselton christian academy i have two dog two brother three sister my Favorites thing is go star strikes bowling and cats and puppy and song and guitar my favorites song is Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone and Ross lynch and Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment and Avril Lavigne and got to the beach and scary movie just little bit love Alexis Jade Alexander

my view of the song | Reviewer: the girl who breakup with her boyfriend
    ------ About the song Potential Break Up Song performed by Aly & AJ

you are a jerk
you are a jerk
you are a jerk

to break my heart and normally i will get mad but expect the fact you didn't love me you didn't love me
i hated you
i hated you
i hated you
for all you know and tiply you apologize but you turned your back and now i am gone
yah that is my version

A fan for the positive message | Reviewer: PFLOW3000
    ------ About the song The Greatest Time Of Year performed by Aly & AJ

It's not often that you run into someone as talented as these two sisters who make music that you can trust your children will enjoy and will not pollute their minds. The lyrics are catchy as are their tunes. No need to worry about messages with these two. Unfortunately there will always be people who will take any opportunity to bash someone for expressing their faith. When they see "Christian" they expect perfection. Sad really but as Christians we are excepting of these folks...maybe not their actions and ideals but we have to understand their ignorance in such areas. Rock on girls!

Rocker_Honey | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song If I Could Have You Back performed by Aly & AJ

ohh i love this song, it reminds me of my ex, and the "moment" we spend together, hes an ass and this songs reminds me thats better to have a life than to think over and over about him and if i could have him back again xD

Godless mush | Reviewer: No longer a fan
    ------ About the song The Greatest Time Of Year performed by Aly & AJ

I was surprised to see the latest Aly & Aj CD at our local Christian bookstore. "Hmm, so they're Christians", I concluded. But from reading these empty lyrics, I have serious doubt about that. I don't mean to judge their faith - that's between each of them and God. However, to write a Christmas song, and to borrow "Joy to the world" as a chorus, but have absolutely no reference to the true reason for the Joy ("the Lord is come", "the Savior reigns!", "no more let sin and sorrow grow", "He rules the world with truth and grace" "the wonders of His love") seems like an attempt to secularize a very beautiful declaration of the joy of Christ coming to save us.

Apparently for these two young women, the meaning of Christmas is all getting cozy by the fire, and turning the music a little higher - with everybody here, friends so dear. If they ARE Christians, they need to show a little guts and make a clear profession. Their fans just aren't going to get it from these empty expressions.

no subject in variety | Reviewer: mysterious stranger
    ------ About the song Like Whoa performed by Aly & AJ

i love aly and aj. but in potencial breakup song they look really lez. o well. song sounds great. like whoa is a song that is really hard to understand. every little piece that people dont know they just guess what they are saying. some of these parts of the song are rong. o well. song is still great. and ya, you can never tell who is singing. but the one with the higher pitch voice is Aly, the one with the more plain voice is Aj. but they still sound really alike. but i still think that "Rush" is their BESTEST song evr!:)

very good | Reviewer: bethany
    ------ About the song On The Ride performed by Aly & AJ

the song is realy good but you need to set the words out on it moor it is a very good web site and a i love aali and aj thay are the best singerd in the worled i wish i coulde sing silent night with them on stage and on the ride

I just love/hate this song! | Reviewer: Paige
    ------ About the song No One performed by Aly & AJ

This song is really helpful to me cuz a "friend" told me stuff that people hated/ didn;t like about me and I tried to change! One of the people that, that the friend said told me not to change! I was surprised cuz she told me not to even though she didn;t like me! I threw away the key and changed everything about myself! But finally I noticed that the new me wasn't getting me more friends I was actually losing friends! When I heared this song I discied to say I was sorry to all my frieds that I lots and went back to be my old self! I don't have alot of friends that I hang out with on weekends or during the week but I ahev enough to hang out with at school and to talk to on the phone! I realized that the only reason why i changed was to get two people to be my friends but that never happend, they still don't like me for who I am! One person that I wanted to be friends with kept on saying that she din't like me as a friend well she din't like me at all! So I kept on saying in my head that "I don't need her to be my friend I have enough that will always be there for me!" So I have learned my lesson! This for anybody that is like me is wants to change just cuz he/she wants more friends! DON'T CHANGE FOR OTHER PEOPLE! ITS STUPID TO CHANGE FOR OTHER PEOPLE!! SO DON'T!! That is comming for me who knows what will hanpen! Please email me if you have any questions for me! I have helped at least 50 people with problems wiht friends, and that they want to change for other people to like them as friends or they are also changing for a guy to like them!I tryied to change for a guy and it didn't work at all! He got so mad at me he hates me right now!! So email me is you have any questions at

This is part of their bonus track | Reviewer: Fatima
    ------ About the song Shine performed by Aly & AJ

This is one of their Christian Re-realeases. Found in their album INTO THE RUSH [DELUXE EDITION]. Never Far Behind is also one of their Christian Re-releases in the same album. So, Cathy, you're right, they are singing this to Jesus... =) Inspiring, isnt it?

like ´whoa | Reviewer: mathilde♥
    ------ About the song Like Whoa performed by Aly & AJ

i love them, they are so mutch cool.
i will do everything for they cant be in the misic.
love you aly you are a ´great sinnger and a cool actor Holdin', Holdin', Holdin', Holdin', Holdin'
Holdin', Holdin', Holdin'
and aj you just a fantastic sinnger love both of you♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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