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Scorpions Always Somewhere Lyrics

Last updated: 09/18/2012 11:31:52 AM

Arrive at seven the place feels good
No time to call you today
Encores till eleven then Chinese food
Back to the hotel again

I call your number the line ain't free
I like to tell you come to me
A night without you seems like a lost dream
Love I can't tell you how I feel

Always somewhere
Miss you where I've been
I'll be back to love you again

Another morning another place
The only day off is far away
But every city has seen me in the end
And brings me to you again

Always somewhere
Miss you where I've been
I'll be back to love you again

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Miz my ex alotz | Reviewer: Eddy mayfen | 9/18/12

The lines i lL bAck to love u again iz realLY touchING! HoNEY i miss u love u alotz buT i have met anOTHER guy he also gud 2 me! So. I cANT easily abandoN hIM buT i stilL love u! I ll surely bAck wait 4 meh!

Takes me back | Reviewer: personal_zesus | 4/14/10

A master piece...a ballad...a love story...that is what this beautifully composed song is all about. Everytime I listen to this track it instantly takes me back 22 years back...back in the high school days when I was first approached by my high school love to go out with her...God I wish I cud go back to those days...Scorpions ruled back then and to me they will always be a ruling band for the years to come! Hail to all the Scorps members and thanks for delivering so many master pieces for us fans!

luv d song | Reviewer: kiran | 4/21/09

i js love dis song so much. its so deep song, it reminds me off ma ex boyfriend. he was a big time scorpion band fan. n i heard dis song at his place, wen i had gone 2 his place on a night out. gaush, dn v broke up. n i used 2 listen dis song. dis song still makes me feel dat i still love him

about the song | Reviewer: slash | 5/3/08

i can not speak more again.when i heard this song i become interested .thats all `cause the song is very nice and beautiful.i dont more knowing about the group of its, but the song make me more enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!