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Cece Winans Always Sisters Lyrics

Last updated: 03/18/2013 01:08:30 PM

Always Sisters, Always Friends [repeat]

Always Sisters, Always Friends
Let's stay real close till the end
Forgiving each other, letting love cover
Always Sisters, Always friends

We have to live in harmony
Even though we may disagree
Fighting each other, is not the answer
But sharing the greatest gift, Oooo
Let's be enriched with peace and love
Having compassion from above
Never forsaking just understanding
Ain't that what families are made of

Always Sisters, Always Friends

No matter what may come or go
We stick together and it shows
This bond between us
Foundation is trust
That's what true family is all about.


We really gotta' learn to love each other
I need to stick real close by your side
There's no way that we can live without each other
So why do we try


Forever and always , I'm always gonna be with you, always
Forever and always, No matter what you're going through, always

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godsend | Reviewer: cynthia | 3/18/13

This song was just what I needed to hear this weekend. I went to my sister in the Lord and asked to help her with something. She responded unfavorably and had such a bad spirit. I suffered it to be and when I saw her in church the next day, I gave her this song and a comment to her to let her know that I just want to be there to help. God blessed me so wonderfully in the Holy Ghost that I was drunk with joy! Pray for me as I strive to please the Lord and suffer whatever come my way.

Send email to mumy(christine) | Reviewer: christine abigail.K.ndayshimiye | 9/5/11

Hi cece how are love yo thanx for ministry i saw you preaching,tell me.its not big stuff.mumy, you en Noel and wil smith(he is God father)this is what i see in prayer always.
on ma way from kenya i lost much stuff i met armed robers they stole ma money en phones and i 14000 rands on ma atm,the one i had for transport was stolen en i used that for transport,am hard up it was for ma ticket to see mumy en i got isreal i 4 kids they are in Isreal that is jeremy,jonee,david edwin en dolores(girl)am hard up i canceled coming to the states but ned ticket and its 16000 rands and am looking for 1000 for pocket money en i travel possibly next week need mumy's suport en wil smith.he knows it him and his opening an account tomorrow then i come to you. thanx.bles u christie