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Morrissey Alsatian Cousin Lyrics

Last updated: 07/08/2009 11:00:00 AM

Were you and he Lovers ?
And would you say so if you were ?
On a forecourt
On a Friday
Passing my way

Were you and he Lovers ?
And if you were, then say that you were!
On a groundsheet
Under canvas
With your tent-flap
open wide

A note upon his desk
"P.S. Bring Me Home And Have Me!"
Leather elbows on a tweed coat
Is THAT the best you can do ?
So came his reply :
"But on the desk is where I want you!"

So I ask (even though I know):
Were you and he lovers?

Thanks to Karla for submitting Alsatian Cousin Lyrics.

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Alsatian Cousin | Reviewer: Dodie | 7/8/09

Morrissey is clearly better when he goes darker. This is song number 1 on his "Viva Hate" album, released one year after the break up of The Smiths, of which he was lead singer, and is the second of his solo works. Here, his narrator is a jilted lover, but not a pathetic one, whose ego is shattered when he's betrayed--"is that the best you can do?" he asks, after describing the rival. Morrissey's trademark tenor goes a bit deeper here, and the classic growls are present as well, making this the perfect song for the betrayed. Few in the postpunk genre can do broken hearted emo better than Morrissey--in fact, I can't think of anyone. Also, the almost soundscape instrumentation turns guitars into cries and drums into heartbeats, seemingly, turns the entire song into a few minute soap opera when coupled with Morrissey's vocals. This track and this album in general, are among the singer's best.