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See this is what the f**k we do
I I've been seein' what y'all do (Arf! Arf! Arf! Grrrr...)
Ah, fuck it!

[Verse 1]
Cats runnin' they mouth (ALREADY!)
Till they get that gun in they mouth (ALREADY!)
Never seen them frontin' about (ALREADY!)
but i wasnt coming in that house (ALREADY!)

They gonna sing a whole diff'rent tune (ALREADY!)
Ever since that thing went BOOM! (ALREADY!)
Every hood out in that doom (ALREADY!)
Ghetto Pass they can renew (ALREADY!)

Y'all know how the dog move (ALREADY!)
I ain't got a damn thing to prove (ALREADY!)
What's my motherfuckin name (ALREADY!)
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It's not a fuckin game (ALREADY!)

(Come ON!)

[Chorus x2]
It's summin' i do
I ain't nuttin' to do
Witha thang ya do
With ya fuck ass crew
Fuck what you think
Fuck what you say
Cuz.. Ima be tha dog all day!

[Verse 2]
Hold Up shit weigh it to tha left (ALREADY!)
Lie every mother fuckin breath (ALREADY!)
Y'all must think niggas is stupid (ALREADY!)
With tha bullshit that you did (ALREADY!)

(come on) We all saw right through that (ALREADY!)
Tried it, but don't do that (ALREADY!)
You can't do this but don't do that (ALREADY!)
Man this lane commin' at you BLAP! (ALREADY!)

This whole rap shit fell apart (ALREADY!)
Gotta take it back to the start (ALREADY!)
Kicking real shit from the heart (ALREADY!)
As God had it first to be dark (ALREADY!)

(Come on!)

[Chorus x2]

(Verse 3)

Cats wanna rap, but can't write (ALREADY!)
Niggas will thieve you, but can't fight (ALREADY!)
Grown men still sucking dick (ALREADY!)
Niggas more bitch than a bitch (ALREADY!)

Wannabe gangster innocence (ALREADY!)
What part of the game is this (ALREADY!)
Y'all know how i get down (ALREADY!)
Ring bells when I hit town (ding ding ding ding)
Straight up, I lace shit down (ALREADY!)
What bitch i play shit down (ALREADY!)
Dog of tha leash again (ALREADY!)
Ask around in tha streets ima win (ALREADY!)

(Come on!)

[Chorus x2]

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ay yo dog | Reviewer: Bullet | 8/23/09

yo X man damn if you can read this please tell us where is your new album man this song is great ilove it and also the song i wish with seal man damn that was a beautiful song it inspired me to write something like that to but then with my wishes and X thank you for your inspiration to rap like i'm supposed to and if you look for more poeple on your new album here i am man just pose me on my e-mail it's and i will be honored to work with the best and most agressive rapper around the world and you told this cats wanna rap but can't write well i'm a white boy and i wanna rap and i can write so and for those stupid poeple that says DMX says in a lot off songs my dogs from up north he means heaven that's up north listen to more songs that hit you in the heart man and that female off 55years old was right lord give me a sign is a song that's hits you right in the heart even me because DMX i started believing in god and for that he blessed me with this talent to rap and i thank earl DMX simmons for that thank you man one love from tha Bullet

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