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Red Already Over Lyrics

Last updated: 05/30/2010 11:00:00 AM

You never go
You're always here (suffocating me)
Under my skin
I cannot run away
Fading slowly

I'd give it all to you
Letting go of me
Reaching as I fall
I know it's already over now
Nothing left to lose
Loving you again
I know it's already over, already over now

My best defense, running from you
I can't resist, take all you want from me
Breaking slowly

I'd give it all to you
Letting go of me
Reaching as I fall
I know it's already over now
Nothing left to lose
Loving you again
I know it's already over, already over now!

You're all I'm reaching for
It's already over
All I'm reaching for!
It's already over now

I'd give it all to you
I offer up my soul
It's already over, already over now!

Give it all to you
Letting go of me
Reaching as I fall
I know it's already over now
Nothing left to lose
Loving you again!
I know it's already over now!
It's already over now!
I know it's already over, already over

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Already Over | Reviewer: unknownpersonality | 5/30/10

I feel stupid, because this is my third comment on this song...and I haven't even talked about the song yet! Here we go...

This song is great. Red is one of my favorite Christian metal bands (along with Crimson Moonlight) and they sound great live. I'm going to see them in about a month, and I'm really looking forward to it. :)

Another note to Justin Breithaupt.... | Reviewer: unknownpersonality | 1/4/10

It's me again, the person who recommended the Living Sacrifice song.

I think you're thinking about this too much. I re-read what you wrote, and it just confused me. I know you had good intentions, but those "symptoms" that you talked about are a bit extreme.

Just because you're Christian doesn't mean that you will feel connected to Jesus all the time.

Here's some other songs that I think described what you're talking about:

"Midst of the Spiritual Dimension" by Crimson Moonlight.

"Frozen Inside" by HB.

"Heaven Isn't So Far" by The Becoming. (Way off track, I know, but it talks about temptation.)

I'm a very musical person, as you can tell by what I've written.

dude, seriously? | Reviewer: Shi-chan | 12/28/09

To the guy who wrote the sermon, you have way too much time on your hands, you should really consider that not everyone is a religious as you and maybe, just maybe, the song wasn't meant quite that way

my comment on another person's comment | Reviewer: unknownpersonality | 11/24/09

Hey, to the person who wrote out the extreamly long know who you are...go listen to the song "Subtle Alliance" by a band called Living Sacrifice. That song sums up what you wrote, and in under five minutes!

whoa | Reviewer: Kayla | 11/10/09

well im not much a believer in the religious terms.. but i think this song can mean different things.. not just religious stuff... could be something personal in someones life. could be anything could mean anything to the listener

wow... | Reviewer: me | 6/29/09

ok i skimmed through your little sermon, the basis of which could be summarized in less then 4 sentences, and people who Satan tries to stop would still read it ;)

A lot of people think this song is about a girl, the music vid they made doesn't help things, but yes this song is about an internal conflict between good and evil, God and Satan. A common occurrence in Red songs.

And yes a song can mean whatever u want it to, but i think its important that we try and understand where the writer is coming from.

When'd this become a sermon? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/09

To everbody else: This song rocks!
To Justin-What's-His Face:I live in a Protestant family that just became Christian. Don't go to church yet (we rarely used to go, but we're planning to go often now. ugh), but I read Justin what's his face little sermon, and I think i understand where the crazies have been hiding. IN HIS SKULL!
Justin, do you hear any voices yet?

Anyway, like the last person said, songs have meaning from the creator and also the listener, ergo "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
So please, Justin what's your face, don't ever comment again. Thanks

(I think I have too much on my time. XD)

to Mr. Breithaupt | Reviewer: J.P.O. | 6/4/09

While you sound like my mother an many ways with what you have said here (and i hate her), there one vital piece to this puzzle which you have forgotten: thorough investigation.

if you really paid any attention to the lyrics of this song, he is not speaking to both satAn (notice the emphasis in the second "a") and God, he is speaking to God, and God only. The song is speaking of how he once ran away from God, but couldn't because God is everywhere.

"And there is not a creation that is not manifest to his sight, but all things are naked and openly exposed to the eyes of him with whom we have an accounting." Genesis 17:1

And eventually he gives himself wholly to God and therefore "It's already over"

Note: I do not believe in God, nor will anybody ever convince me to do so, but i was raised in a very strict christian home, so i know the bible front to back, cover to cover, and yet i still choose not to believe. And i have to agree with Scotty, anybody can put their own meaning to a song.

By the way, who has any time to type up something that long? i mean, seriously?

wtf | Reviewer: jd | 4/23/09

if i wanted a sermon, i would have just gone to church. "satin?" come on. think before you write anything. "satin" also wouldnt need to do anything to prevent us from reading whatever you call that. YOU did. you must be the same guy who wrote the really long, prayer request on rise against's "prayer of the refugee."

Oh no.. Satin! | Reviewer: Scotty | 4/12/09

"Satin" stopped me from reading that comment by boring me to death

Anyways, despite it being a christian band and me not being Christian I really like this band and song. Everyone can put their own meanings into songs, it doesn't have to be just what the artist intended.