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Israel Alpha And Omega Lyrics

Last updated: 06/08/2014 04:23:05 AM

ALPHA AND OMEGA – Israel and New Breed

You are Alpha and Omega
We worship you our Lord
you are worthy to be praised

We give you all the glory
we worship you our Lord
you are worthy to be praised

Thanks to Barbara for submitting Alpha And Omega Lyrics.

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who wrote th song | Reviewer: Ru | 6/8/14

I've seen the man whom THE LORD Used to compose the song. He was invited at our local Church by our Pastor in Zimbabwe just to celebrate this Anointed song. He is a Zimbabwean Pastor in Zimbabwe serving in a Church called ZAOGA Foward In Faith. If I remember well his name is Pastor Mutambira.our Pastor gave him a car on that visit just to celebrate GOD'S gift through this song

Holy inspire god is good | Reviewer: Prestley | 9/25/13

Halleluia!! I give Glory to the Lord by his Grace we live in the world... He really is the Beginning and the End... He is with us Day and Night at a Time in Second Minites... I Give Thanks and Praise every moment of my life the ALMIGHTY GOD.. Amen

origin | Reviewer: all the.glory to God | 5/13/13

i was told a week ago that the guy who first sang this song was a nigerian who was on a missionary in zimbabwe,people were fighting in the region he was ministering...when he came back from his missions on a certain day he found that his family and neighbours had been killed so he started to sing loudly the song you alpha and omega...that's how it spread but hez the one who composed it......

i don't know how true this is but i thought i had to share

Alpha and Omega | Reviewer: Noah | 12/4/12

Amazing song i once heard a version of this song on an itunes podcast and it was truly remarkable. It is done by a college gospel youth choir and if you would like to jear it google:

CSOTW podcast or college gospel choir podcast and follow the link and hear it it is spectacular and it is a mash up of another gospel song i think but yeah be blessed

Holy Ghost | Reviewer: Hosea | 11/14/12

Indeed this is an African song so to say.... We been singing it since I can remember. Who ever wrote it, It was through the Holy Spirit.. The are other great worship songs written here in Africa the world still to hear.. We mostly write worship than anything else.

My fav one says, in translation: "All those who would like to walk in the path of God, remember this not an easy road".. Everytime I cry when we sing this song at church, it's so deep, all the verses..

God Bless

The origin of alfa and omega song | Reviewer: Emmanuel | 9/30/12

Im not convised that the song is originaly from Zim. We've been singing this song for as long as i can remember and i think it is a public domain. I stant to be corrected....thats my view. The song is lovely though.

Question theology | Reviewer: Brooks Van Horn | 1/3/12

The lyrics are beautiful until you look at the theology embedded. To claim Jesus is the second person of the Trinity and then call him Jehovah, who is the first person of the Trinity, is contradictory unless you don't understand the definition of person.

A song for a blessed people | Reviewer: Penelope | 11/14/11

God has made Zimbabwe a testimony to all nations....we have bee through a lot of strife and come out of the fire only the midst of all the turmoil, He annointed Pastor Erasmus Mutambira with a new song, a song that embodies the love of Zimbabwe's people for the God who keeps them in the shadow of his wings...Israel Houghton, you've been a blessing to our nation...your annointing for worship is boundless. May God continue to cover you with the love He has shown to the people you have embraced...I know you have Africa stamped on your heart....

Comfort and blessing for a Guyanese-Canadian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/11

On my first visit to Africa (Kenya) two weeks ago, I heard this song at the only church service I was able to attend. I do not know who my ancestors were but I suspect that they were slaves. The two things that comforted my heart on that trip to the Motherland are the immigration official who gripped my hand in Nairobi airport and reduced me to tears when he said "Welcome home", and the anointed singing by the church choir at the All Saints Church in Naivasha. Although I did not know anyone there, I know that the Alpha and Omega knows both my past and my future and I am safe in His care.This new song has been running through my mind ever since, and I was so glad to find a number on versions on Youtube. Praise the Lord!

who wrote it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/11

Yes it originated in Zim we sang it since i was a kid in church. the shona version is "murimavambo, nemagumo. tinokunamatai, makafanirwa kunamatwa. Tinokupai mbiri yese, tinokunamatai makafanirwa kunamatwa. Anoited song...

GOD THE ALPHA AND OMEGA | Reviewer: christian | 10/10/10

l thank GOD for this song. anytime l pray this song tears of joy flow the I fill the SPIRIT OF GOD inside me am playing it now and forever play it ISEAL you are bless l thank you. may ALLMIGHTY GOD always give you more song to lender to hi

Hallelujah.....................!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: gift malunga | 9/9/10

this is the most powerful song i,ve ever heard in my life.when its sung in worship the HOLY SPIRIT takes control and we begin to worship JEHOVAH in a level the devil cant reach.when the song is sung chains are broken, barriers destroyed immidiatly.thank u LORD JESUS for such a powerful blessed.

Praise the Lord | Reviewer: Joshua | 8/31/10

WE have been singing this song in africa for a Long time. I dont know if there is yet a better worship song. Reading the book of Revelation will bless, declaring it, awe---some! It has to remind us, who the King is. I am curious as to who the music came to.

Glory! Glory! halelujah(to the King of Kings)
We Worship you our Lord
you are worthy to be praised

'Same yesterday, today and foevermore!
We worship you ...Lord
You are worthy to be praised

(Move me now Lord Jesus! you are..)
We give you all the glory!
(Glory all Honour and majesty.!)

{Baptise me with more fire Lord}

In the presence of the King, there is fullness of joy. | Reviewer: Lela | 4/16/10

I think the thing that brings out the power in this song, is that it brings one to the realization that Jesus is the eternity, infinity, time without end. The song writer brought thru this song, the scripture, Revelation 1:8 "I am the Alpha & Omega, the beginning & the ending, saith the Lord".
This song urshers one into the presence of the King! Jesus.
And in the presence of the king there is fullness of joy.

I LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Mercy | 3/12/10

Everytime i start to sing or hum the song even at my workplace, i begin to feel Jesus and Holy Spirit overwhelming me. I feel the Love of God the Father and nothing else matters but Jesus Christ my saviour. Thanks. Its a wonderful song.