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Sanctus Real Alone Lyrics

Last updated: 02/05/2011 10:00:00 AM

True love exists yes I know this
My heart was waiting for you
And when we met I felt my chest
pound fast, racing for the chance
to know you, to hold you
To open up and show you
The way it feels when you know...

You are not alone
Know that I would fight the tides to
Be together
When you feel alone
Listen to this song to make your heart
feel better

Two hearts entwined, yes, you are mine
And I'll be yours forever
I've done the math, I'm less than half
We're better off together
And I want you here by my side
As much as you are on my mind
When I'm gone you should know

Rainy Mondays feel like Fridays
When you're smiling at me I can feel
The space
Between us collapsing
Our love is everlasting

Listen to this song
Let it make your heart feel better

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what? | Reviewer: FLASH! | 1/29/11

to the person that was anonymous and said this wasnt religious...not every song a christian band does has to be religious...relient k is my favorite band of all time and a large percent of their music isnt religious but what is religious is amazing and what isnt is awesome...i think it is extremely necessary to have some non-religious songs in there...just sayin

This song according to Sanctus Real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/10

At their concert last week the lead singer talked about why he wrote this song. He was writing it to his wife, because he was never home for her or their family and they were growing more and more distant in their marriage. He was writing this to tell her that he would be a better husband and better father and that he would always be there for her as the head of the household and be a better spiritual leader for them. This was for his wife to always remind her that he loves her and is there for her even when on the road. It is an amazing song especially when you know why he wrote it and where he was coming from to try and re-build their marriage.

Not religious.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/10

I really don't believe this is religious. I know Sanctus Real has a lot of beautiful christian music but this doesn't make sense as a perspective from God. He would not be described as "less than half"..
I dont know, the whole idea is off to me--I think it makes much more sense as a love song that isn't religion related

Can't we just say | Reviewer: Ace | 12/3/09

Why can't it be that multiple interpretations are possible? This song was originally intended to be a message from us to God but author's intent is only one way to interpret, so seeing it be about romance is legit too.

On a side note, just about any romantic song can be about God because romance even for other humans is one way God reveals a little of the way he loves us. Christ being married to His Church ring a bell?

Not about God | Reviewer: Jon Smith | 9/24/09

It's a guy singing to a girl, not about God. Second verse:
"I've done the math, I'm less than half
We're better off together"
God is certainly NOT "less than half" in any relationship. That doesn't make any sense at all.
And does God ever have rainy mondays? That seems like a human thing to me.
Just my view.

Great song | Reviewer: Bethany Benbow | 1/10/09

I think it is singing as if he is talking as God and telling how much He loves His children, that is the way Sanctus Real meant it to be. It could be interpreted differently but thats what they meant

okay its not just for one thing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/08

This song can be interpreted either way. It can be taken as God speaking to a person, or a man talking to a woman. Theres really no sepcific reference of who its reffered to. It's just more likely that its about God because Sanctus Real is a very proclaimed contemporary Christian band.
Antoher example of a song like this is Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper; it can be sung to another person, or can be like God speaking to a person.

hey this is so sweet...but doesnt seem christian | Reviewer: stephanie | 8/29/07

im not saying im like this devoted christian, cause im not, but this seems more like a girl and guy know? at least, thats how i see it.....and it's really sweet. it could be played on the day of ur marraige, of course, id have to hear the tune to know that 4 sure...but yea.

this song | Reviewer: Katelyn | 1/23/06

^^^^ is that what they are singing about i have never taken that way. I had always though of it as a guy who really loves this girl and just want to be with her all the time

Alone-what kind of love | Reviewer: Josh Burr | 1/14/06

This song shows what kind of love God has for His children. Although, I relate it to other things.