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C21 Alone Forever Lyrics

Last updated: 12/07/2009 10:00:00 AM

I can´t believe
I´m holding on to everything you said
When you don’t say it anymore

So many people told me
But I couldn´t breath
Just look at me now
I can´t believe
I never knew that at all

It´s so hard
To realize why you always do this
To me, yeah

If you don’t open up your heart
You don’t wanna know
How to get me back inside
You don’t know
´Cuz everytime I try
You always keep me waiting
all alone - forever

I close my eyes
To drift away, leave it all behind
What I see is just the same

Maybe if I hold you
So much to say
But where do I start
I can´t believe
That I never knew that at all

Its so hard
To realize why you always do this
To me, yeah

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Great Song - Great Band | Reviewer: Dave Biswas (India) | 12/6/09

I can't believe the fact that no one has put any review for this song. Its such a wonderful song but a great pop band. I don't know what happened to C21 now as they are nowhere in the music scene for a long time, but they released two very good albums. This song 'Alone Forever' is one of my favourite.