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Senses Fail All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues Lyrics

Last updated: 04/23/2011 11:00:00 AM

My fathers sins are out tonight(x2)
I haven't seen her in years(x2)
My mothers sins are out tonight(x2)
I haven't loved her in years(x2)

(Let's hear a toast)Here's a toast for(for loneliness)loneliness
(Sometimes it just)Sometimes it just makes so much sense
(For every night)every night I(I drink alone)drink alone
(I'm happier)happier than I could have ever known

My family's sins are out tonight(x2)
My skin is on the run(x2)
My private sins are out tonight(x2)
My skin is on the run(x2)

I'm not waiting(x2)

(Let's hear a toast) Here's a toast for (for loneliness) loneliness
(Sometimes it just) Sometimes it just makes so much sense
(For every night) Every night I (I drink alone) drink alone
(I'm happier)happier than I could have ever known

I'm not waiting(x2)

I'm betting dreams upon my paper wings
Because flying isn't just for kings
I take the stairs to the very top floor
I paid the super to leave open the door
A perfect sunset is sinking in the sky
I know my body is ready to fly
I start the countdown back wards from ten
When I reach one my family name will end

Falling down as windows pass I start to cry
And curse the day my parents laid
In a bed of hopelessness where love was made
Please mark my grave unknown

(Let's hear a toast)Here's a toast for(for loneliness)loneliness
(Sometimes it just)Sometimes it just makes so much sense
(For every night)every night I(I drink alone)drink alone
(I'm happier)happier than I could have ever known

Here I lie
Here I lie

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Best Cowboys to Priest and the Matador | Reviewer: david | 4/23/11

These songs, as with most of their songs, have dual or even more meanings behind the words. I think he sings about not having a human father as well as a spiritual father. because of both realizations he has lost a reason to believe/live. either way everything that is written by these guys is a metaphor. obviously they have neither killed themselves, performed an autopsy on a dead girl, or burnt down who knows how much shit.

I dont feel like making a title. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/10

Okay, I have to say this, I believe that no one should like senses fail just because of the sound, you must absorb the lyrics and the meanings. I feel if you don't, you are just being shallow. These songs have lots of meaning for me because I attempted suicide before and I can relate. I like them because I can relate in all of their songs.

24/12/09 | Reviewer: jd | 12/24/09

i love the lyrics they come from such a deep place and the way the three songs make a story is brilliant although the full album is about the led singers problems growing up and his drinking prolems, it's a well thought out song

Izzie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/09

Yea this song is amazing, and so is senses fail but i agree with everyone like how the three songs are all linked, but is it just my limewire rip of the song or at the end like after buddy is done singing there is a short musical outro n it sounds just like a part of the priest and the matador, as if they were showing that after this song the priest and the matador is the follow up, plz someone listen to this song and comment if yu hear it too. But it moght just be bacause i got it off of limewire sooo yeah

Amazing | Reviewer: Jack | 5/26/08

This song has got to be one of the best on the album, bar from The Priest and The Matador thats the all time best. The whole album is just fantastic, ive listened to it so many times.
Cant wait for another album!

wahey | Reviewer: JC | 3/5/08

yeah the last 3 songs are definately connected in a really strong way. Cowboy's is obviously about his lead up to suicide, negative space is most like the bliss he experiences while falling, that sort of where you've made your choice and all is right feeling, and priest and the matador is the aftermath.

I really like the last 3 songs :)

The song gets its title from an episode of LOST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

The Song gets its name from an episode of the ABC series LOST which originally aired in December of '04. The episode draws its title from an allusion to Pete Townsend's album "All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes". The episode of LOST focuses on one of the main character's alcoholic father.

Pretty good. | Reviewer: M | 1/17/08

Ryank, I dont know where you get religion at ALL in bonecrusher. That song is about breaking up with a girl or just letting her go. I dont see the religious implication whatsoever.

This song was pretty good, I liked the electronic breakdown in the beginning, I wish they would have brought it back in again somewhere in the song. This song makes me grateful for the parents I have, and that I dont have to feel this way. Its a good reminder to give thanks for the things we overlook every day.

senses fail is the greatest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

i love the whole cd i think its the best cd i have im my collection and i listen to it every day all the best cowboys have daddy issues is my fav song!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Cowboys | Reviewer: Ryank | 1/1/08

The whole album revolves around losing faith in christ. He starts to question religion in Bonecrusher, realises there is no heaven/hell in Can't Be Saved and wishes he could understand it. In the next couple of songs he starts to 'sin', and then afterwards realises how pointless it all is. In All The Best Cowboys he decides to give up, wishes he was never born. When he refers to Father, he means god. In the next instrumental song, Negative Space, you can interpret that how you want. Him falling, him dying, whatever. But in The Priest & The Matador it's self-explanatory. He's fallen, and a priest is trying to pray with him, but he still can't believe in God which is why he tells him to get the fuck away.