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Pearl Jam All or None Lyrics

Last updated: 08/22/2010 11:00:00 AM

It's a hopeless... situation
And I'm starting to believe
That this hopeless... situation
Is what I'm trying to achieve

But I try
To run on
Is all or none,... all or none

Here's the selfless confession
Leading me back to war
Can we help that,.. our destinations
Are the ones we've been before

I still try
To run on
But is all or none,... all or none

To myself I... surrender
To the one I'll never please

But I still try to run on
Oh I still try to run on
But it's all or none, all or none

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all their own | Reviewer: T Murky | 8/21/10

Pearl jam is in a class by themselves. this song gives you everything that makes this band great... Eddie Vedder delivers heartfelt, sincere, deep lyrics with his grand baritone. Stone Gossard weaves another great melody while Mike McCready adds the atmosphere of layered guitar sounds. All the while, the heartbeat of the band, Jeff Ament, delivers his unmistakably rich bass lines with the quiet perfection that defines this band. 10 out of 10.