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“Hey kid you’ve got a lot of potential but I think it’s
time to move up,” are the first words you hear on The Party
Scene (Emerald Moon Records), the debut full length from
pop punk powerhouse ALL TIME LOW. When it comes to this
band no statement could ring anymore true. As says, “ALL TIME LOW has the potential to
be the next Cartel or The Academy Is….Say hello to your new
favorite pop punk band.”

Hailing from the suburbs of Baltimore, MD the group made up
of singer/guitarist Alex Gaskarth, guitarist Jack Barakat, More...

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Review about All Time Low songs
Saved My Life | Reviewer: Izzy
    ------ About the song Lullabies performed by All Time Low

I can relate to this song so strongly for so many reasons. Firstly, I lost one of my closest friends to suicide 4th October 2012 and I miss her so much. This song reminds me of her and all the times we had together - it makes me so sad but so thankful that I know her.
Secondly, when my twin died last year this song got me through. I miss her more than anything, she was part of me and I tried to end my life. Recently, I felt that way again but this song stopped me from doing that. All Time Low have truly saved my life on more than one occsaion.
More than that, their music is absolutely beautiful, stunning and perfect. They are amazing musicians and I have so much respent for all of them. They truly deserve so much respect and they get it from me. Thank you guys. <3

My impression | Reviewer: CookieCream
    ------ About the song Remembering Sunday performed by All Time Low

This song is amazing. There are so many interpretations of songs and i like to have my own personal one.
I think that this man loved this girl, so much and she was so beautiful and kind. But she didn't belive in true love, and she ended up sleeping with another man. She felt so guilty about it, and didn't want to see the pain on the mans face when he found out, so she killed herself. Or she could be in a plane (skydiving ect) but I think when she is above the clouds, that is what happened to her. He keeps drinking so he can try and forget and he doesn't belive that she is dead because he see's her in his dreams. He wants to marry her, keep her forever, but all he is doing is loving memories...
Amzing song. <3 All time low forever <3

This song can relate to so much. | Reviewer: Nizone Bohanan
    ------ About the song Lullabies performed by All Time Low

i never have lost anyone to where they die, but my parents had gotten divorced when i was six. this song reminds me of my dad, who we had left because he was a drunk, and so many other resons my mother chooses not to tell me of. but he made me go through so much, and this is basically my song to him. thanks to him, i have lost so much in life, in so little time.

All Time Low - For Baltimore | Reviewer: Taylor Patterson
    ------ About the song For Baltimore performed by All Time Low

HOLY CRAP. so great! it's taken a step back from the controversial Dirty Work (even though i loved that album!) and has went as far back as So Wrong It's Right. the fans are gonna go crazy!

Thank you All Time Low | Reviewer: Charli
    ------ About the song Lullabies performed by All Time Low

I had depression last year when everything was falling down around me. Suicide seemed like the best option but it wouldnt have been. Im finally getting over it and although i still have days when i dont want to be here, Lullabies and Therapy got me through the worst 2 years of my life to date. I will be forever thankful to All Time Low, the band that saved my life. Im sorry to anyone who has ever lost anyone to suicide, i know the feelings/thoughts that can make you contemplate it. x

Review | Reviewer: Calvin
    ------ About the song Jasey Rae performed by All Time Low

This song has always been great. I didn't know the girl Jasey was a real girl though. Holy shit. I doubt that he actually told her at the time that he couldn't take her with him though, he was probably wasted. Thanks for at least trying to apologize though.

:) | Reviewer: Anderson
    ------ About the song Vegas performed by All Time Low

i think that this song is about him touring with his band and having the time of his life, but the only thing bugging him is the fact that the girl he loves doesn't want to go with him on the tour, wherein he intended to propose in that tour while they're in vegas.

He's previously been trying to get her to join him in that tour, showing signs that he's gonna propose, but she declined. It's either she realizes it and doesn't want to go, or she just can't read between the lines. so he decides to just make the most out of this trip with his friends and is still excited to get home to meet this girl.

Driving me crazy it seems | Reviewer: Elianna
    ------ About the song Remembering Sunday performed by All Time Low

The song makes me cry all the time. I figured out what it means.

He woke of dreaming and put on his shoes
Stared making his way past 2 in the morning
He hasn't been sober for days

(I think the guy was trying to drink away all of his problems)

Leaning now, into the breeze
Remembering Sunday
He falls to his knees
They had breakfast together
But two eggs don't last like the feeling if what he needs

(remembering things now. Remembering the breakfast they shared)

Now this placebos familiar to him
She pulls on his hand with a devilish grin
She led him upstairs(x2)
Left him dying to get in

(remembering the s.e.x)

Forgive me in trying to find
My calling I'm calling at night
I don't mean to be a bother
But have you seen this girl

(she left and wants to know where she went)

She's been running through my dreams
And it's driving me crazy it seems
I'm gonna ask her
To marry me

(he really misses her. He loves her so much that he wants to marry her)

An even though she doesn't beileve in love
He's determined to call her bluff
Who could deny these butterflies
They're filling his gut

(I guess she didn't beileve in love)

Waking the neighbors
Unfamiliar faces
He pleas o he cries
But he's only denied
Now he's dying to get inside

(he wants to find her. He NEEDS to find her. He can't live without her)

And then the chorus.......

The neighbors said she moved away
Funny, how it rained all day
Didn't think much of it then
But it's starting to all make sense

(she did something bad so she left. It kept raining. The guy is finally putting the pieces together)

Oh I can see know.
All of these clouds
Are following me in my desperate endevour
To find my whoever
Whoever she may be

(yep, deffinantly putting the pieces together)

I'm not coming back
I've done something so terrible
I'm terrified to speak
But you'd expect that from me
I'm mixed up I'll be blunt
Now the rain is just washing you out of my hair
And out of my mind!!!
Keeping an eye on the world
So many thousands of feet of the ground
I'm over you now
I'm at home at the clouds
Towering over your head!

(she really did do something bad. She's running away from it. She can't stand it so she flies away in a plane. Away from him)

Well, Ill guess I'll go home noe
I guess I go home now
I guess i go home now
I guess I go home...

(he can't do anything about it. He let's her be free but misses her)

That's my idea. LOVE. this. Song

thanks google | Reviewer: a very eggy guy
    ------ About the song Remembering Sunday performed by All Time Low

i searched up 'im going to marry that girl' and this song came up. never listened to atl before, but this song really got to me and now i love this band to death! and all because i searched for my feelings on google. this is a amaaaazing song and im sending it too tons of friends because it is so modern yet so beautiful. i absolutely love the chorus too!!! ^_^

</3 | Reviewer: Rosey
    ------ About the song Lullabies performed by All Time Low

I've never been in anyway close to anyone who had committed suicide, but this song made me cry. And reading those comments are making me feel terrible. I almost wanted to commit suicide because of some boy I liked and he tore me apart. I now know he wasn't worth it. Alex Gaskarth, thanks for writing this song ♥

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