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Fred Hammond All Things Are Working For Me Lyrics

Last updated: 12/18/2012 08:54:55 AM

Falling apart and tearing at the seams
Tribulation lends a hand and squeezes all your hopes and dreams
You say you retreat, you say you just can't win
Before you let your circumstance tell you how the story ends

(God's word) His word says you can stand,
He'll cover you with His grace
Everything you need is in your hand,
So lift up your head and say

All things are working for me, even things I can't see
Your ways are so beyond me,
but You said that you would let it be for my good,
so I'll rest and just believe

Verse 2:
I know you say you've got it bad right now,
Let me say I know that feeling well,
To make good plans for life and then watch them take a
downward spin
Let me encourage you while I encourage me
See the raging rain and wind but He'll speak peace and it will come to an end

(The truth is)The truth is He cannot lie,
I'm in His hands and I'm on his mind,
promised me He'd always be there,
so by faith He will answer my prayer


Many days and nights I cried because I felt let down
But I won't always receive good but a praise in my heart will remain
So with tears in your eyes know sometimes it might get rough
but say Lord I love you more and that is enough to know
All things are working for me, even things I can't see
Your ways are so beyond me,
but You said that you would let it be for my good,
so I'll rest and just believe


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Awesome | Reviewer: Olufunmi | 12/17/12

I wanted something so much at a time but didn't get it. Rather, i lost much. I asked why all this happened, i was heartbroken. Then God brought this song my way, and i've been blessed eversince. Now, i know all things are working for me, even things i can't see. God bless you, Fred Hammond.

Blessed Be God Forever!!! | Reviewer: Sylvia | 9/27/12

This song helped me hold on to Gods word (his promise). God called my brother home 9/15/2012 .....I know God was with him. My brother beleived and with tears in his eyes and his last breath he trusted GOD and rested in him. To God be all the Glory!

Thank you Fred Hammond for sharing the beauty of Gods gift to you.

thank you lord | Reviewer: Jessica | 2/17/11

this song has really encouraged me..I wa have been feeling so low today, thinking about my circumstances and my uncertainty about what steps to take, but this song has just reminded me that even though I don't understand what is going on God is working things for my good. Thank You Lord!

splendid! | Reviewer: Kim | 11/25/09

Indeed, there are times that we don't understand the circumstances that we face. But we know that all things work together for our own good.It's a wonderful song, and beautifully sung.I'm so blessed! The Lord bless you more.

Jesus! | Reviewer: Hannah | 11/17/09

Yes thank Jesus all things are working for me, even in the bad times i will praise God and say yes all thing are tuly working for me! nothing is impossible for our mighty Jesus! halleujah Jesus Halleujah Jesus! Through this song i feel the presence of GOD and its truly a blessing!

wow | Reviewer: jazzie | 7/12/08

dis song is so inspiring. it lets us know dat things are gonna come are way but its all apart of God's plan. its workin 4 us not against us. let go and let God have his way. its workin 2 make us better

Praise God | Reviewer: alicia | 10/12/07

I have been going though some tough times lately and this song found me... and provides encouragement when nothing else seems to help.