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Prince All The Midnights In The World Lyrics

Last updated: 04/07/2013 01:40:56 PM

Because I turned my eye toward U
Because I seek your hand
Every other woman envies U
And me, every other man

And as the circle of jealousy
Is coming round again
Those prickly-fingered scallywags
That masquerade as friends

Make a promise this very night
That they will no longer pose
A threat to either 1 of us
And let the chapter close

4 all the midnights in the world
This 1 will serve us better
If U choose to be my girl

Like ZuZu's petals
A wonderful life, the 2 of us shall lead
The children of the future have all the
Spiritual food they need

The secrets that the 1s before
With grace, have come and shown
2gether with love 4 1 another
We shall make them known

Remember love, our happy days
are numbered like grains of sand
Writing 12 times ever more
If I could be Ur man

Amethyst and rubies, crystals and black pearls
I'd trade them all, just to spend with U
All the midnights in the world
All the midnights in the world
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