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Van Morrison All The Bits Lyrics

Last updated: 10/07/2007 12:00:00 PM

All The Bits (Track#25 Disc 1) :53
Van Morrison
Album: The Lost Tapes 1992
Movie Play Gold, Portugal

'All The Bits'

No, you see ya get, ya get a thing goin' like that
(Consider that night, now)

Yeah-mm, yeah, you put it in
It go, 'Da-Da!'
(You know that guy that left you in the movies)

(I'm callin' for Brown)

(He loaned you two, money)

(Well, you know that's another thing)


That kind riff you sneak in
(They can handle it)

(An another little thing)

(Got a gold record)

(An Chick-A-Boom, isn't gonna-be on-on-on-it)

(Hit the ground)

Then we'll put all the bits in

'The Bit Down!'

'Put in the Bit Down!'
(I'm quittin')




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