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“People have a certain idea of what this band is, and when
they hear the new’s a new approach to our
style,” vocalist Phil Labonte says. “It’s almost like a new
way to look at an old friend."

With a desire to continually evolve, yet retain the
trademark heavy and technically-skilled sound that All That
Remains has established with the band’s breakthrough album,
2004’s This Darkened Heart, Labonte and company have done
just that with The Fall of Ideals. Where the last record
found the band intertwining heavy music, virtuoso More...

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Review about All That Remains songs
Drumming | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song This Calling performed by All That Remains

I've been playing drums every day for a little over three years. I play in a death metal band, and prefer to play around 250 bpm when playing double bass.

So with that being said, there is no definitive "Best Drummer". Every drummer has a different style than the next drummer. Like snowflakes. No one is ever the same. I personally started playing thrash and jazz. Then as I got more into death metal my playing digressed I started to play more blasts mixed with my jazz and thrash influences. I started listening to a lot of slipknot and learned quite a few of their songs. Considering I'm not Joey Jordison, I'm going to play it differently than he is. And most recently I've started to play more technical death metal (Nile & Hate Eternal type stuff) and my style has been effected once again.

My point is, you can't say one drummer is better than the next. As for triggers, I like them. I don't use them but that is simply because I can't afford to buy quality triggers. At a show recently, I borrowed some ddrum DRTs (they are easily removable) from a friend and I really noticed a difference in the sound. No difference in speed. Only thing that changed was the amount of power I got with each stroke.

It also really bothers me when people worship Neil Peart. He is a talented drummer and all, but there is so much more in the drumming world to experience. If you only eat pizza for your entire life, aren't you missing out on other great types of food? If you explore, you might find other drummers that you will love.

stfu | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Chiron performed by All That Remains

You're all ignorant. All of you. Russian, American, Chinese, English. None of it matters. You think the general population wants to hate and go to war? Nobody wants to go to war. Nobody wants to see thousands, millions of people die and wonder if it's their loved ones that will get killed next. No one wants to see cities and countries destroyed, millions of lives ruined, families torn apart and loved ones lost. No average person wants that no matter what country they're from. Near everybody on this planet wants peace. It's the governments that drag us into war, sometimes for the right reasons, yes. There was a time when we went to war as saviors. To bring peace and topple dictators. To stop evil and injustice. Unfortunately the only thing we seem to go to war for now is political and corporate gain. Sad, but true.

Let's get on topic | Reviewer: Philip
    ------ About the song Chiron performed by All That Remains

I'm just going to ignore all the political crap in the comments here. This song is about friends and family, and the close connections people make with each other. It repeatedly talks about how these bring strength and conviction to a person. These are the things that people need the most.

The bottom line is, when you have close relationships with others, you can be so much more than you normally would. That's what this song expresses--and considering what a strong and universal idea that is, I'm surprised there aren't more songs about it.

Guys Please! | Reviewer: NewDrummer666
    ------ About the song This Calling performed by All That Remains

You Don't Complain When a Guitarist Uses Distortion Do You? You Don;t Complain when your fav death/ black metal band uses tremelo picking, So Why are Complaining about Triggers, IT IS NOT CHEATING, its just a way to make your bass drumming heard, as the faster you play, it gets softer, trust me, to play fast double bass at 250 bpm, it would sound terrible or sound softer and not intense like it should be. Think about this

All of you | Reviewer: Gaiaphage
    ------ About the song Chiron performed by All That Remains

Really need to shut the fuck up. I live in America and yes our government sucks but it's the government you should hate not the people. Sure there are some egomaniac government ass kissers but that only makes a small percent of the people in America it looks like a lot are like that because of all the gov' propaganda bullshit. Whoever wrote the comment titled "shut up" was right. And for the ignorant fuck who said 9/11 was great, first off die and rot forever you warmongering peice of shit 12 year old fuck, it was our own government attacking us. Our gov wants to control the earth and their already almost there. When they take over I can only hope there is a God watching over us because we are going to need Him soon...(and I'm not talking about dec 21 that's pure bs)

15 years | Reviewer: Neurotripsicks
    ------ About the song Six performed by All That Remains

My girl after 15 years left me out of the blue. And looking back at it, I'm glad but this song holds SO much water in the aspect she's a lying, cheating, pessimistic cold hearted bitch. I'll never get over her, but at least I'm stronger now.

This song is great! but theres mostly a purpose around for today's songs and its God | Reviewer: Josh
    ------ About the song Whispers (I Hear You) performed by All That Remains

I will be praying for all you guys who are cursing and cursing at God because I can tell you guys don't know him and i feel bad for you. I know once some of you read this you will think I'm stupid and I'm just a stupid person who thinks God is real. If you search up mattie montgomery he's awesome guy who seeks after god. That the reason why i think this band is cool. But God is going to come soon one day and y'll know he's real and his love for you is amazing and its so sad how you don't know that cuz the person who made you loves you more than you will ever know and wants to have a relationship with you. He died for you and while he was suffering he was forgiving you guys for all your sin. You sit there typing curse words at god the designer of everything and he died for you and loves you so frikin much. Its so sad to here those comments and God placed me here so I can reach out to you and hopefully who guys can have a realationship with and I'm his servant and he's speaking through me to you guys because he loves you that much. I hope this affected you and you guys will start a relationship in christ because its the best thing you can ever do! I'll pray for you and remember jesus loves you.

so surreal.. | Reviewer: jorden
    ------ About the song Six performed by All That Remains

this song is perfect of me and my ex...we had it all..then we started slipping slowly..then it just fell apart...on and she only torments me with her presence..reminding me of what i dont have anymore...i choke on her lies..i know it would kill true..

Shut up | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Chiron performed by All That Remains

Both of you are wrong. America sucks politically. We are a disgrace to the planet politically. Republicans fuck shit up. HOWEVER, not all the people of America suck. Only redneck conservative Christian-consumed, pieces of shit. I hope you read a text book. Empires and counties that rose and fell before were forced to be converted to christianity many times. It's to unify people. Christ was a Jewish pacifist. So why should we be building missiles every fucking day of the week? Just saying you both have misconceptions of America. Look up the NDAA. You're both quite ignorant.

:D | Reviewer: DeathIsmyOnlyembrace
    ------ About the song Whispers (I Hear You) performed by All That Remains

This song is amazing this band is amazing and I love them all their stuff, from the waiting one all that way back to their roots like behind silence and solitude. They are one of my favorite bands and this is also a fun song to play on the bass :)

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