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So deep that it didn't even bleed and catch me
Off guard, red handed
Now I'm far from lonely
Asleep I still see you lying next to me
So deep that it didn't even bleed and catch me I..

I need something else
Would someone please just give me
Hit me, knock me out
And let me go back to sleep
I can laugh
All I want inside I still am empty
So deep that it didn't even bleed and catch me I...

I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not
I'm far from lonely
And it's all that I've got

I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not
I'm far from lonely
And it's all that I've got

I guess, I remember every glance you shot me
Un-harmed, I'm losing weight and some body heat
I squoze so hard
I stopped your heart from beating
So deep that I didn't even scream fuck me, I..

I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not
I'm far from lonely
And it's all that I've got

I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not
I'm far from lonely
And it's all that I've got

And it's all that I've got
Yeah, it's all that I've got
Yeah, It's all that I've got
It's all that I've got
It's all that I've got
It's all that I've got!

So deep that it didn't even bleed and catch me
So deep that I didn't even scream fuck me

I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not
I'm far from lonely
And it's all that I've got

I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not
I'm far from lonely
And it's all that I've got

And it's all that I've got
Yeah, it's all that I've got

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How I see it... | Reviewer: Kay | 2/23/13

This song confused me for the longest time...

I guess I had to read the lyrics over and over again before I thought about this... I also had some help by reading the previous reviews... Anyway, as I see it...

It seems that the one singing the song was so hurt so badly/"deep" that it didn't even catch him "off guard". One day it was ok and then BAM! Stabbed to the core that he "didn't even bleed" Shallow wounds are usually the bleeders. One moment he was alive, and then suddenly "dead". Once a person is caught off guard, he/she usually still have something to say about it. But the one singing was never even given the chance to be "caught off guard".

The part: "Asleep, I still see you lying next to me" and "Hit me, Knock me out and let me go back to sleep" indicates that only when unconscious and left to dream does everything seem alright again. It is the only moment when nothing seems to have changed which is why he prefers to be knocked out... However once awake... he has to face reality again. The next lines indicate "I can laugh all I want" says that he can still summon all the regular reactions/emotions when the situation calls for it but he knows that everything is not as it seems... He feels empty... Numb. The laughter doesn't mean anything.

"I guess I remember every glance you shot me. Unharmed, I'm losing weight and some body heat." He remembers all their moments together and although he seems okay (unharmed) he is still "losing weight and some body heat" --> essentially means, he's sort of dying.

The chorus is what confused me for a long time. "I'll be just fine, pretending I'm not. I'm far from lonely and it's all that I've got" I'm guessing, He knows that even with the emptiness that he's feeling (?), it will eventually blow over. I'm guessing he has friends who love him (I'm far from lonely), but when his girl left... the friends don't matter. He's holding on to the emptiness for now (Pretending I'm not) because right now, that's all he's got of the girl that he once had.

Did I make sense?

Just saying | Reviewer: davo | 12/11/11

I loved "Rachies" explanation or her thoughts as to this song.. and i have to say not including my own life too much.. ive been through something extremely horrible and i laugh and smile around my friends and pretend evrything is fine when nothing is and nothing feels like it ever will be... and to me this song is about something missing that u had once that can not get back easily and obviously this song is attached to maybe one persons feelings towards another and thats the way it makes me feel i love this fucking song and this band =] something so personal and has so many feelings in one song... this is epic!

drifting thoughts | Reviewer: karisa | 10/6/11

i have mixed, not feelings about the song, but i have mixed thoughts about what this song is about. in the beginning he talks about how it was so deep that it didn't even bleed, so obviously he means that it hurts beyond physical pain. it hurts deep within his being. he obviously has a spouse or lover - i say this because someone has to be sleeping next to him - and he isn't lonely. i agree with Rachie, who said that he was so numb that he doesn't even feel anymore. he HAS to pretend that he isn't okay. however, the second verse is where i get confused. see, i think he was talking about sex. he got 'so deep'? didn't even scream fuck me? and he squoze so hard that he stopped her heart's beating, so i don't know if it's just because of the previous songs i've heard about murder and necrophilia (avenged sevenfold -cough cough-), or if i just take things too literally, but i think he possibly could have become so numb that he killed her to feel something. i don't know, he said he was far from lonely and it's all that he's got, so he's saying that not being lonely is all that he's got (seriously, if he was saying that 'being lonely is all that he's got', the he would've said "I'm far from lonely BUT it's all that I've got). anyways, he said that he remembered every glance she shot him, and i'm assuming that they weren't the nicest of looks because he said he was unharmed by them. so that could've been why he killed her, you know? anyways, those are just my thoughts. i don't know if i would get any feedback, but that's all.

all that i've got | Reviewer: jan.jan | 8/16/10

haha I really love this one. It reminds me of somebody whom I really like but was completely dumb to notice the attention and treatment that I'm giving.I hate being treated as the childish girl who always love to play. Mark Angelo you suck!!!!

hmmm | Reviewer: Greg | 3/28/10

I'm pretty sure Rachie is my new favorite person. Haha. I love coming to this site to read other peoples BS, cause it makes me laugh. Now, my take on the song is that the person was greatly hurt (emotionally) and it has left them empty. But pain is something they are used to to the point that they create these false illusions of happiness, cause it's all that they've got. It's a very good song and I probably take a different view on it every time. Hah. But that's my 2 cents. That and that I complete agree with Rachie about the fact that I looked up this song, not your life or pathetic whining. Just saying =]

The Used <3 | Reviewer: serinnAHHHH | 3/11/10

Okay, the album that this song was on was "In Love and Death" which a tragic event happened to Bert, which was his pregnant girlfriend, Kate dying. I have read in Blender about this song saying it's about his dog dying, but I think about how a supposed loved one (whether person or dog) has passed away. So since the whole album is pretty much dedicated to her it has to deal with that tragic event happening and how it broke his heart.

^.^ | Reviewer: Rachie | 2/28/10

I think that this song starts out saying how the person is numb that they were hurt so hard that their feelings became numb "asleep I still see you lying next to me" the person is numb from emotion but can still see everyone else in their life. and when their emotion starts comming back they are asking for someone to hurt them again enough to make them loose emotion because it hurts to feel like laughing is something they can do but they are so "empty" inside that they dont get any plesure from it. Then the chourus goes on about how he over prepared him self for something bad to happen since he was asking for something bad to happen so hes pretending hes not fine so he is able to cover up emotion. now he remembers all the times people looked at him but none of them hurt him (I take the next part litterally because its hard for me to follow) hes being unharmed from things so hes feeling more and that makes him lose weight maybe through stress "i squoze so hard I stopped your heart from beating" i think means he suffocated her emotionally to the point she couldnt take it then again he was hurt so badly that he lost emotion and didnt say anything cause he didnt feel any thing
awesome song!
P.S. could you people please tell me your review of the song rather then go on about your lives no one cares i want to see a different view point rather then oh well my chemical romance slipknot....I didn't look up those bands i didnt look up your life i looked up the used stay on topic rather then have childish arguments about god knows what

Love <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/10

I really love The Used, the lyrics have some kind of special meaning. Im really depressive, im on all this stupid pills and stuff, but The Used really makes me feel better by some reason.
Oh well, off topic.
THIS song, is one of the best, according to me. I know it - for you- might not have anything to do with it, but this song makes me feel worth something.
The Used helped me, they maked me stop with selfharm and cutting. Im proud I've got this far, but Ive never done it without there music and aspeially this song <3

lyrics | Reviewer: joshua | 12/26/09

yeah this song is about pain. its about, like what jake said, being 'hit'. its about being hit so hard it doesn't hurt. the lyrics are sarcastic in nature. i don't know about you but that's just my opinion.

Lyrics | Reviewer: Jake | 10/26/09

Lyrics are poetry. Poetry with music. Now with any poetry, the writer has something specific in mind, however, he knows that the person reading it will most likely get something completely different out of it. This is the same with music. the writer knows that people will interprit things differently based on they're specific life situations. The human brain automatically links something heard or seen to something it already knows. So, with music, your brain places the lyrics to your situation. This is what the artist is aiming for, to cause the brain to register emotion, and decifer what the sounds and lyrics are trying to get across. Therefore, although you may know what the artist had in mind while writing this (which i highly doubt you do becaouse what artist would give that away?)it may not be what another person gets out of it. This song, is of loss,of pain, of being "hit" so hard, you dont know what has happened, and so, you attempt to make it better. Thats what i get out of it.

hmmmmmmmmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

well i am a huge music lover and im in love with this song.

but the ppl that are commenting about other comments and not the song. . . oh please just hush it for a bit! im sure most ppl dont give a damn if youve love scince when blah blah blah all i want is other peoples opinions on what they think the lyrics mean!.

anyway back to the song. . . im finding the chorus is hard to fins the meaning but other than that, the instruments are awesome in this song and its soooooo catchy! 4/5 i reckon!

just saying :\ | Reviewer: amazzinng?yeeahh<3 | 7/2/09

i ws on a website a couple of days ago, and after taht song was over i heard all taht i've got and i feel in love.
their song means alot to me,:\ <3
certain people need to stop thinking they know everything abouut this band. the used made music for EVERYONE and not just for some certain people.
and for the other people, why bother wasting your time telling people their wrong or whatever. they should know that they are and if they dont, they're clearly messed up :P

just saying :/

Wow...grow up? | Reviewer: Brett | 6/17/09

Okay..first of all i just want to say some of these reviews aren't even about the song..which is really annoying. People start talking about the song and then they start to talk about posing and opinions and things and really it doesn't matter. None of you people know each other and cannot read each other's minds so just leave it alone, drop it. Maybe try talking about the song more and leave it at that don't go on about how your opinion means more because you've been through what they've been through and shit like that. No one cares. Sorry but it is the truth. I actually don't even know why I am commenting or whatever on here...but i think that you guys should just like talk about what this song means to you and things like why you like it or what you think it means. Don't talk shit about dumb things. It's pointless and it will get you nowhere.

Love it. <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/09

I love this song, and every other song this band has recorded.
It just has so much meaning, as does the rest of the album. This album is my fav by far, but their other albums are still kickass.
Can't wait for Artwork to be released!!

Amazing. | Reviewer: Lindsay J | 5/19/09

The Used have been part of my life for so long, they were one of the first alternative bands that I started listening to. They help me get through the day. Their songs have so many meanings, and they are so deep, you can relate. This song is amazing.

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