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Carpenters All Of My Life Lyrics

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All of my life I have been waiting

For just one boy

And all of my life I have been waiting

For all the joy of having

(*) Someone that I can call my own

Who'll come to my side when I am all alone

And now you are here and I've found a whole new world

Has opened for me

A world filled with joy

A world filled with all your love


(**) For you say you're mine

You'll love me all the time

Night and day

Come what may, and all of my life

You'll be my own

I just want

Repeat (*)

Repeat (**)

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Carpenter's "All of My Life" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/2005

One of the earliest Carpenter efforts shows Karen's uncanny ability to pour her heart and breathtaking vocals into the simplest song. Richard's mature orchestration and production make this little-known song a timeless classic.

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