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Offspring All I Want Lyrics

Last updated: 04/07/2012 11:00:00 AM

Day after day your home life's a wreck
The powers that be just
Breathe down your neck
You get no respect
You get no relief
You gotta speak up
And yell out your piece
So back off your rules
Back off your jive
Cause I'm sick of not living
To stay alive
Leave me alone
I'm not asking a lot
I just don't want to be controlled
That's all I want
All I want
How many times is it gonna take
Till someone around you hears what you say
You've tried being cool
You feel like a lie
You've played by their rules
Now it's their turn to try
So back off your rules
Back off your jive
Cause I'm sick of not living
To stay alive
Leave me alone
I'm not asking a lot
I just don't want to be controlled
That's all I want
All I want
I said it before
I'll say it again
If you could just listen
Then it might make sense

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Brilliant song. | Reviewer: Vlad | 4/7/12

I just love this band to bits! I've started to listen to the Offspring since 14. And now at my 20 I still listen to it. Their songs give so much energy! And this song is absolutely awesome.

love it | Reviewer: bob mcduff | 1/6/11

i really like this as a song, the music is brilliant, but the lyrics outshine it, I listen to it for that, it's a great tune to listen to when people are trying to control you in whatever way. A bit like 'The Meaning of Life'

this brings back memories | Reviewer: k hov | 10/22/09

like sum of the other reviews i too found this song on crazy taxi i loved it so much i remember hitting restart like a million times untill this song played cuz i just loved it i had it for my sega dreamcast yea the last consol they ever made yea w/e but this old school song still kicks ass hearing it for the first time in a long time brought back happy memories of me playing countless hours of crazy taxi good job offspring good job

Another Kick @$$ song from Offspring | Reviewer: punkrocker | 10/21/09

wow love this song, ive listend to these guys just recently, first heard them bout a year ago and have just recently gone hard core im 15 and can't say that ive been a fan forever or anything but i can say that i love all of there music, love the album americana, splinter is awsome and smash is well...need i say anymore? i have to give props to my 3 fave guy friends to getting me more into the offspring and to anyone new to them, you don't know wat youve been missing

Essence of punk | Reviewer: Jivin_Ivan | 5/23/09

I think this is one of their more energetic tunes, a real Punk anthem. They also shot a pretty interesting music video for this song, of course there were a lot of bizarre yet intriguing videos coming out in the 90's. This album is also where they started to get more eclectic, venturing across other genres while maintaining a fairly consistent punk/alternative sound. Personally, Ixnay is one of my favorite Offspring albums.

Still love it | Reviewer: Will | 10/11/08

Listened to offspring alot back in the mid 90s, started listening to them again recently... forgot how much fun i had listening to these guys, brings back the good times!, i def prefer the older stuff, but the new albums have their charm too, can't believe people even get elitist with the offspring..thought bm was bad. haha

Brings back nostalgic memories of days when my addiction to rock music was beginning | Reviewer: SKP | 1/28/08

A great song.
Remember this being played in MTV along with songs like Black Hold Sun (Soundgarden),Selling the drama (Live),Shine (Collective Soul)...good times for rock music

Wicked | Reviewer: Orbit | 11/28/07

Like Rod, I also discovered this song through Crazy Taxi. It's a great song in itself too! I agree with RoZ, "The beat is uplifting and the guitar is simple but effective, its just one of those feel good, feel awsome, make u move songs..."
My sister was into Offspring as a band at the time, way back in 2000/01. Definitely listen to this, somehow. You'll like it.

Offspring after Americana | Reviewer: FaithlesS | 7/24/07

Id have to wholeheartedly disagree with you, it's not that the offsprings earlier cd's only have two good songs on them, it's that after... actually DURING the Americana CD their whole style of music changed... The Offspring before Americana had far better songs on every album, after americana, all they did was join the mainstream...

im not a mainstream fan :P

All I want | Reviewer: Rod | 7/21/07

I really like this song, and I remember listening to this song as I was playing Crazy Taxi. As I was playing the game many years ago in an arcade I wondered who sang the song. Then when I got it for Playstation 2, I found out who it was. I downloaded the song and still today I have this song on my computer, PSP and MP3 player. That goes to show you how cool Offspring is to me!

all i want is great | Reviewer: offspring fan bg | 3/14/07

Hello everybody, I am Offspring`s fan from Bulgaria. I like all their songs, especially the old ones, because they`re pure punk and they`re not that commercial like pretty fly and the others from their last albums. Don`t get me wrong, I like them too, but if I want to get some energy, I would play something like "All I want" or that kind - from the old albums. This is a great song and getting the sense of the lyrics you get so much energy, that you can turn the world the upside down.

Surprisingly awsome XD | Reviewer: RoZ | 7/8/06

Ok so I am a fabn of the offspring, dont get me wrong, but im also sorta closed minded... yeah it happens, I dont like it either. But still, i really didnt like some of the offsprings earlier stuff, well I did, but i thought that there were only about two good songs on each album (ignition truely got me that sterotype, sorry there are good songs on it though dont get me wrong, just not alot.) anyway, Ixnay on the Hombre was an album that i just didnt even know of for a while. Until someone told me about it, but it was an early and unknown one, so i didnt bother with buying it.
Yeah so how did I listen to it... i was listening to a friends i-pod, as you do, and i put it on his offspring playlist, because i was in that sort of punky mood. This song came on (all i want) and it just made me smile as soon as i heard it... ok the lyrics were deep and angry, but it was the kind of offspring song that would be in my head for days... guess what it was. But i didnt know the words. Still... it is an excellent song which I adore and definatly goes onto my favourites list. XD listen to it! dont be discouraged.
The beat is uplifting and the guitar is simple but effective, its just one of those feel good, feel awsome, make u move songs... if you get me. Definatly download it.