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Walls of Jericho All Hail The Dead Lyrics

Last updated: 03/04/2009 10:00:00 AM

all hail the ones that take from life without giving back.
what's ours is ours.
control is all you crave, a fucking paycheck is all you are.
our world is crashing down before our fucking eyes.
we strive to be perfect in this imperfect world, so watch her starve herself.
struggle to fit the mold, as she makes her self sick, it should make us all sick.
we can't go on like this, we can't go on like this.
know your fucking role they say, as they die fighting beauty.
but they never knew that they were truly beautiful.
and we can't go on like this.
with our brainwashed minds, as they die fighting beauty.
because we're slaves to the system
we can't go on like this, let the dead be dead.
you corporate fuck, it's time to fight this.
the status quo, it's time to fight this.
our broken families, it's time to fight this.
your billboard barbie, it's time to fight this.
let the dead be dead, all hail the dead.

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get over it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/09

It's a solid song in regards to the sound but that's all. . I mean the message is nice but nice isn't real. This country was built upon consumerism and the American Dream (Of more more more and have have have). Either take up in the rat race, embrace your culture, or get the fuck out.

ZOMG | Reviewer: Sara | 6/6/07

this song is wicked. It brings tears to my eyes.. The song is so true. And that's the saddest part. FUCK SOCIETY.

Er. . . what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/07

Listening to this song, I had NO IDEA that this song had any meaning at all. I think I like the song more than the lyrics, though.

IN awe | Reviewer: Witness of God | 12/15/05

If this song brings tears to your eyes as it did mine you are one step closer than everyone else. keep up the fight. fuck consumerism