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The Decemberists All Arise! Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2011 12:00:00 PM

Baby wants a new spin
Baby wants a broken heart
Hear you found the lynchpin
To keep it all from falling apart

But you keep on rolling
Yes you keep on rolling
Keep on rolling
You keep on rolling

Better find a way
Better kick it from your big brown eyes
I hear it tightens up
When you fall at the fifteenth try

Like a ship at ocean
Like a ship at ocean
Like a ship at ocean
Like a ship at sea

You spit thick and you cross your heart
But the culvert's all run dry
From keeping shotgun-shy
All arise! I'll just be mine tonight

So the dollar shop shoppers
Broke the lock and they knocked you down
Better call the coppers
If you need someone to push you around

But you keep on stealing
You keep on stealing
Yes, you keep on stealing
'Til there's nothing left to steal

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