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Anticipation swept across the crowd at the sold-out
amphitheater. It had been too long and yet it felt like
yesterday since the devoted fans had seen the band. "And
now...", boomed the announcer, "Please give a big welcome
to the band that can break your heart and put it back

The lights, the music, the energy all came together at
once. Jamie, Delious, Tony and Alfred were back where they
belong, back together.

To their fans and friends, All-4-One had fallen off the
face of the earth. Most, if not all, were More...

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Review about All-4-One songs
Correct Information | Reviewer: JFJ
    ------ About the song Untouchable Memories performed by All-4-One

The correct title of this song is "Sukiyaki." It was originally recorded in Japanese by Kyu Sakamoto. The Japanese title translates to "I Walk Looking Up." The group A Taste of Honey recorded it English in 1980 with completely different lyrics. A Taste of Honey's version was covered in 1994 by the group 4 P.M. The group's name is an acronym meaning "For Positive Music." 4 P.M. has often been mistaken for All 4 One and I believe this is what happened here.

The wrong song | Reviewer: Shanna
    ------ About the song I Swear performed by All-4-One

well my boyfriend does always sing this song to me but i thought it was his favorite!! it turns out that it wasnt his favorite song in the end but his favorite song was "i will never find another lover" so i spend my whole time learning i swear, and i was so mad when i found out that it was his cousin's favorite song!! but i truely love this song and i dont regret learning it at all!!

Sweet Love | Reviewer: Ghee
    ------ About the song I Swear performed by All-4-One

i love this song.. and this song is ma Bf fav song.. ya he sing this song when he first asking me to be his GF.. now were 2yrs 1month 2days.. when i play this song on my mp3 player he will said "do u remember that time" and wish next year were get married.. amen <3 Love You septian >.< love u loads with every beat of my heart.. ti amo amore mio..

I swear | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Swear performed by All-4-One

I need to believe in this boyfriend..ex...i dont know really...well he told me this song was for me...we have been together two years and eight months together...and today our anniversary...we are in a fight...i am fighting for him..and this song makes me think of him....

my ture love:) | Reviewer: chrysta
    ------ About the song I Swear performed by All-4-One

this song is the best song ever his guy that was fallin for me and well we got to talkin and well i had fallin head over hills for him!! then welli said this was our song now when ever im sad he plays that song to cheer me up and it does every time:) i love you dylan with all my heart:)<3

i swear | Reviewer: patrick
    ------ About the song I Swear performed by All-4-One

i love this song and i have for a long time. im only 15 but i think i foung my true love with a girl named beth. we havnt been dateing long but shes my one and only. last night we had a fight so i stared to sing this too her and she started crying and we made up. its amazing how amazingly perfect the lyric's are.

I Swear | Reviewer: Roro
    ------ About the song I Swear performed by All-4-One

I swear this is the Best song ever....
At first i didn't know its all lyrics.. i knew a little coz i'm arabian girl....
I'll dance on this song with my boyfriend and i'll dance on it in our wedding....
It makes u think.......

I SWEAR | Reviewer: tarek ialy
    ------ About the song I Swear performed by All-4-One

it's a beautiful song... you know i'm now 16 years old and i'm in love with a 12 years old girl i know that it is funny and that you might laugh and mock but you know every time i her this song the hope of me and her getting back increasees

I swear | Reviewer: Palesa
    ------ About the song I Swear performed by All-4-One

I was 14 years when my boyfriend bought me a cd with this song and sang it for me, we were kids and we had to part ways during varsity years, i am 28 years old today and we havent seen each other for 10 years now, but my childhood boyfriend still calls to sing this song to me, we are thinking of Back love...

Great wedding song ... 13 years later. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Swear performed by All-4-One

My husband and I have been married for 13 years. Today we were talking about our wedding song after watching an episode of Don't forget the Lyrics. We found the old cassette we had of the song and played it. This song is a great wedding song, even 13 years later it brought us back to that day. The group may be long gone but the song will always live on in our hearts.

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