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Follow me here: Punk rock is like Joan Rivers. In an
ongoing quest for eternal youth, it continually tears at
the flesh of its own face, pushing and prodding and
tightening and twisting until what emerges is a boring old
monster that, somehow, everyone is OK with looking at. And
this far down the line, punk rock has been reshaped so many
times it sometimes looks like a busload of 70-something
sun-bunnies in coastal Florida, face lifted into an army of
look-a-likes. Somewhere along the ride, its mean spirit
left the tuneful bands for More...

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Review about Alkaline Trio songs
Incredible | Reviewer: AT3 Fan
    ------ About the song Maybe I'll Catch Fire performed by Alkaline Trio

recently discovered Alkaline Trio and am amazed at the level of talent these guys have. This song is proof that there are still groups out there that create instead of copy and rehash. To me, this is one of their best. Acoustic or Electric, this song is simply great.

incredibly awesome!!! | Reviewer: kimmmmm
    ------ About the song Radio performed by Alkaline Trio

this is the ****in' best bRk uP soNg evEr. The lyric means alot to mee. i extremly feel sorry for those who have't discovered this band yet. once again this song iz ****in' awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Radio | Reviewer: Buzzy Bee
    ------ About the song Radio performed by Alkaline Trio

its 2012 and im still listening to this song. and yes same as the past comments, i did broke up with someone :( this song keeps me up all night and some milkshake. and do note, i didnt plant for any revenge or be mad her... :)

kickass song! | Reviewer: Terrence
    ------ About the song Warbrain performed by Alkaline Trio

this had been on my iPod for shitloads of ages and I didn't even bother listening to it. When I finally did, it became my fav Trio song. Matt really kills it on vox man! awesome song, by an even more awesome band! :)

What its really about | Reviewer: Frank
    ------ About the song Good Fucking Bye performed by Alkaline Trio

Although I'm not 100% positive, I think he wrote it about a girl he had a one night stand with (she came back expecting more?). He felt bad using her and not caring about he wrote her a song.

"So you broke down, trying to leave town
I broke down crying on your return
You left me feeling hopefull
I'll never see your face again"

"You made me, such an asshole, I'd wish we'd never met"

Beatiful song | Reviewer: DH
    ------ About the song Sadie performed by Alkaline Trio

This song is great and the band is very underrated.

Subtle got it way wrong however, Charles Bronson is the actor famous for the Deathwish movies, Charles Manson was the head of the "Manson" Family.

Catchy song about a depressing subject | Reviewer: Riaan
    ------ About the song Jaked On Green Beers performed by Alkaline Trio

This is a terrific punk rock song, great lyrics. This song relates to an issue I had with a friend of mine - the lyrics fit our situation perfectly.

"There was a time that I thought you were a friend to me - I think those times I was probably just drunk". If you're reading this Lisa, you're a terrible friend!

Love this song <3 | Reviewer: Izzy
    ------ About the song Love Love Kiss Kiss performed by Alkaline Trio

Eurgh. This is exactly how I feel about everyone in school - they seem to think that just because they're in relationships they have to fill my facebook homepage with "OMGZ!11! LUV MA BB BOY 4EVAS!" ¬_¬

lyrics change | Reviewer: Kimberly
    ------ About the song Continental performed by Alkaline Trio

I think instead of "You had nine lives and one by one you chewed 'em up," its supposed to be YOU HAD NINE LIVES AND ONE BY ONE YOU'D SHOOT EM UP. This song is about his friend who did heroin and least that's what I remember him saying at a show once. <3

Clever | Reviewer: Subtle
    ------ About the song Sadie performed by Alkaline Trio

This song is about Sadie G Mae (a.k.a Susan Atkins) who was one of the "Manson family" and carried out murders for Charles Bronson in the 1960s under the pretence of a coming race war between white and black people. The lyrics are very clever. Great song. Go and read the wiki

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