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Encouraged by her parents to learn to play an instrument,
Alison Krauss began taking classical violin lessons at five
years old. By eight, she had discovered bluegrass fiddle,
and soon began playing festivals and entering (and winning)
fiddle contests. Although her initial acclaim was as an
instrumentalist, soon her voice was capturing people’s

Signing a record deal with Rounder Records at age 14, her
first release “Too Late To Cry” came out when she was 16. A
Grammy nomination came at 18, and she has gone on to win, More...

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Review about Alison Krauss songs
    ------ About the song I Know Who Holds Tomorrow performed by Alison Krauss

My son and his family just returned for a missionary assignment in Uganda. They had to leave unexpectedly. They are unsure of God's plan for them now. I heard this song by Alison Krauss last night it touched me in ways I cannot explain. May it touch you as wsell

    ------ About the song I Know Who Holds Tomorrow performed by Alison Krauss

I heard this song sung when I was a kid by a couple who did a bit of country at a Baptist church. I was thrilled to find it today by Alison Krause. Blessings on you all for the revival.

Reminds me of Mom and Dad | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song Far Side Banks Of Jordan performed by Alison Krauss

I can remember as a boy listening to my dad pick his guitar (that I now play) and he and mom sing this song in such beautiful harmony. Back then I thought them singing and playing together was beautiful - but they've since passed - I'm married now - and what I find even more beautiful is that my wife and I will some day reunite with them above - with the blessed assurance of salvation. Amen. It brings a tear of joy every time I hear this song. I can think of only one love greater... Thank you.

A Glorious Reunion | Reviewer: Larry A
    ------ About the song Far Side Banks Of Jordan performed by Alison Krauss

Speaks clearly of Heaven! My Dad went 1st, then my Mom - I'm sure they're both there, and the words fit perfectly their reunion! I remain (along with my children, my present wife, my ex-wife, and grandkids). My prayer is of course we'll all be there one day - a glorious reunion - on the Far side banks of Jordon!

true to llife | Reviewer: tom
    ------ About the song Far Side Banks Of Jordan performed by Alison Krauss

I first heard johnny cash and june carter r. i. p. sing this beautifull song i never read the words properly untill now i find it really touching and so true to life i am am learning all the words so i can sing it for myself and others

heartbreaking | Reviewer: rob engelsman
    ------ About the song Blue & Lonesome performed by Alison Krauss

It cuts one to the marrow. (By the way its Alison Krauss and Union Station. The other singer is Dan Tymynski and it's the duet that is so good.) He 's the one who sings "Man of constant sorrow", when we think its George Clooney. But yes Alson Krauss is a fabulous singer.

wow! | Reviewer: ks
    ------ About the song Moments Like This performed by Alison Krauss

I discovered this song while 14 years old watching possibly the most entertaining film ever "twister". The song is hauntingly beautiful. The instruments draw you in, and the lyrics take you over. Perfect for the film. I heard this in 1996 and am into it now in 2010. Plus Allisson Kraus has won 27 grammys, the second winningest artist ever! And she's only 38, what!
I also recommend "humans being" by Van Halen.

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Knut Tonsberg
    ------ About the song Far Side Banks Of Jordan performed by Alison Krauss

This song could not be more beautiful. It is very touching. I will sing it to my wife. I think the picture of her comming against me through the "shallow waters" brings us back to where it all started - and the more I listen to it, the more sure I am I love her and will hold her hand before the first of us will cross the river Jordan.


refreshing!!!!!! | Reviewer: OBIE ADKINS
    ------ About the song Wild Bill Jones performed by Alison Krauss

My grandma used to sing this song. I thought she was just making it up as she went along. Then 40 years later I heard Allison Krause and her band perform it to perfection. The harmony is just magnificient.

great vocal duo | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) performed by Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant are awesome together vocally!!! The entire cd is great and people should definitely go buy it and listen to it often!! They are a well suited dynamic duo! Cindy-Indiana

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