Alicia Keys Lyrics

Alicia Keys’ artistic light is so bright it could
illuminate a pitch-black room. A true musical prodigy whose
multi-dimensional gifts emerged at age five, the beautiful
Alicia will soon take modern R&B soul to a whole new level
at the tender age of nineteen.

Born aware of her old soul yet living in New York’s inner
city amidst the dominance of Biggie and Jay Z, Alicia’s
natural talents blossomed into a rare mix of hip-hop flavor
and insightful, wise-beyond-her-years songwriting. Coupling
this with the singer’s spine-tingling vocal More...

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Review about Alicia Keys songs
One of best songs ever | Reviewer: Joel karp
    ------ About the song Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down performed by Alicia Keys

While looking for " lyrics" sights seems impossible as if nobody wants you to learn what the lyrics are. I really don't understand this philosophy. Any way,your site removes this great mystery . So please continue posting lyrics as you now do. This music fan so appreciates your service !!!

JUST SAYIN | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song If I Ain't Got You (Spanish Version) performed by Alicia Keys


i relate on it | Reviewer: charise
    ------ About the song If I Ain't Got You performed by Alicia Keys

Loving some who love someone is not easy sometimes we saw them yesterday i saw my crush muntikan nalang sila mag kiss ni thrisha sa lips oh my gosh i didnt expected it cause i cant get my special someone who i realy loved for 8 years he never saw me sa im related on it

compassion in thou lyrics | Reviewer: kiara kleeh
    ------ About the song Fallin' performed by Alicia Keys

Alicia can do no wrong... if you have no idea what the song means don't comment at all. im uh actually doing this for my 8th grade talent show and I will be heard I want to make the audience fill that pain those vocals she had to make people understand the story she is telling. that's the fun thing about her there always a story to be told and that piano know its funny how people think how they know love but there is never a correct definition but in these lyrics you hear it all and that's something people will never forget about this particular song, Alicia you will always rock and be beautiful... and the guys who chooses to make bad choices and cant put their women first and make them confuses by your decisions... you best prove to them you love them or that love yall started out with will fade away.[peace,love,and happiness]

Johi | Reviewer: Joy
    ------ About the song No One performed by Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys you did great in your songs you are so awesome and wonderful that i wish to sing with you i love your songs so much. God bless you Alicia and keep up with your good work

how much i love this web site | Reviewer: marie
    ------ About the song Girl on Fire performed by Alicia Keys

I love this website it helped me find every lyrics i could think of an if there is a way that you could rate this web site i would rate it as a 5 or 10 actually i just am very , very , very happy with this web site and i a m for sure gonna use it all the time and i am going to write a very good report i how much i just love and adour this web site and thank you creaters of this web site it helped me out so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fallin' | Reviewer: Lindelwa wostile
    ------ About the song Fallin' performed by Alicia Keys

This song is so amazing bcz iits true u knw even if u think of doing something stupid or u already did it always bring me those happy moments to forget abt th bad 1 now,nd it mns u cnt jst wipe feelings away bcz u hrt,u wll keep on lvn even more n more,and thts alicia keys to me she is an amazing singer no 1 can be compared to her for me she's my no. 1

Great! | Reviewer: RadioKilla
    ------ About the song Fire We Make feat. Maxwell performed by Alicia Keys

Your lyrics are always so accurate no matter how new or old the song maybe! Your website is truly the only website I've gone to THAT gives me "follow what's written" ease! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE AMAZING JOB GUYS! KEEP IT UP!!!

Double meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fallin' performed by Alicia Keys

It's about SM obviously.
Within the phrase " I keep on falling in and out of love with you" Obviously she describes how she is having sex with this guy.
In and out of love, means lovemaking.

Than every thing takes an unexpected turn, " How can you give me so much pleasure, and cause me so much pain"
That's about the pain he give's to her while having sex.

And when she thinks, she has taken more than would a fool ;)
She starts doing him again.

Like You'll Never See Me Again | Reviewer: Mychalanne
    ------ About the song Like You'll Never See Me Again performed by Alicia Keys

My sister turned me onto this song after she lost her oldest son. What could I say, it hit me in my heart and she's one for listening to every word and it really said something to both of us. But especially my sister for the simple fact she will never see her son again. This is a powerful song for anyone who has lost a loved one. The ironic thing about it was the video was very close to what our family experienced in the hospital scene. Thanks Alicia for touching our hearts and making us appreciate each other a little more because you never know when you might not see that loved one again.

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