Alicia Keys Albums

  • Girl On Fire Album (11/27/2012)
    De Novo Adagio (Intro)
    Brand New Me
    When It’s All Over
    Listen To Your Heart
    New Day
    Girl On Fire
    Fire We Make
    Tears Always Win
    Not Even The King
    That’s When I Knew
    One Thing

  • The Element Of Freedom Album (12/11/2009)
    Element Of Freedom (Intro)
    Love Is Blind
    Doesn't Mean Anything
    Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
    Wait Til You See My Smile
    That's How Strong My Love Is
    Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)
    Love Is My Disease
    Like The Sea
    Put It In A Love Song
    This Bed
    Distance And Time
    How It Feels To Fly
    Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down
    Through It All
    Pray For Forgiveness
    Stolen Moments
    Heaven's Door
    Lover Man
    Almost There

  • As I Am Album (11/13/2007)
    Go Ahead
    No One
    Like You'll Never See Me Again
    Lesson Learned
    Wreckless Love
    The Thing About Love
    Teenage Love Affair
    I Need You
    Where Do We Go From Here
    Prelude To A Kiss
    Tell You Something (Nana's Reprise)
    Sure Looks Good To Me
    Waiting For Your Love
    Hurt So Bad
    Another Way To Die
    Doncha Know (Sky Is Blue)

  • Unplugged Album (10/11/2005)
    A Woman's Worth
    How Come You Don't Call Me
    If I Was Your Woman
    If I Ain't Got You
    Every Little Bit Hurts
    Streets Of New York (City Life)
    Wild Horses
    You Don't Know My Name
    Stolen Moments
    Welcome To Jamrock

  • The Diary of Alicia Keys Album (12/2/2003)
  • Songs in A Minor Album (6/5/2001)

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    Reviews about Alicia Keys albums
    Heartbeat | Reviewer: Malissa Douglas
        ------ About the album The Element Of Freedom performed by Alicia Keys

    This album is a heartbeat,its filled wit emotions,and her rich vocals gives me goosepimples weneva i listen to it.its lyrics are so deep it brings tears 2 ma eyes,i love evri bit of d song in d album.i love keys other albums,but element of freedom is one album i can listen 2 evryday n i jst get inspird.evritime i listen 2 it,its like im jst hearin it 4 d first time.u're endowed keys,keep it up

    my appreciation to alicia keys | Reviewer: ashley
        ------ About the album The Diary of Alicia Keys performed by Alicia Keys

    I really loved this album (still do) because when i listened to it i felt like i could not only relate to but also understand alicias emotion in every song she sings with alot of passion and professionalism this album was very special to me and definitely one of my favorites and with all of the artist today that are only in the into the music business for the money its not hard for someone like me to appreciate a soulful poetic and truley talented artist like alicia keys:)

    life is a GIFT! | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album As I Am performed by Alicia Keys

    When I first heard the song,I was so full of emotions cause I had just broken up with my bfriend so it reminded me of these words,"never let go of a person you cant go a day without thinking of "So I regret everyday I live without him.Beautiful song.I love it.

    AS I AM | Reviewer: kim lacey
        ------ About the album As I Am performed by Alicia Keys

    I think this song has touched my heart in so many ways that iI cant even list them. Thank you for singing and writing this song Alicia Key's.

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