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Alicia Keys’ artistic light is so bright it could illuminate a pitch-black room. A true musical prodigy whose multi-dimensional gifts emerged at age five, the beautiful Alicia will soon take modern R&B soul to a whole new level at the tender age of nineteen.

Born aware of her old soul yet living in New York’s inner city amidst the dominance of Biggie and Jay Z, Alicia’s natural talents blossomed into a rare mix of hip-hop flavor and insightful, wise-beyond-her-years songwriting. Coupling this with the singer’s spine-tingling vocal power, positively stirring live performances and expertise as a classically trained pianist, Alicia Keys could be this generation’s Roberta Flack.

Highly sought-after by record labels that held good, old-fashioned bidding wars in her honor, Alicia signed to Arista Records in 1998. There, in the spirit of a genius like D’Angelo or Prince, she continued the process of writing, producing and recording the debut she’d begun penning at age 14.

In late 1999, Alicia followed Clive Davis to his new J Records where she continues to chart her arrival to the music world. Creations now rising out of the studio show signs of both a critical and commercial monster - a deep, melodic, soulful gem of an album that showcases Alicia in all her universal glory. Though most of the album- including the luminous "Fallin'" and the moving "Troubles" - was written and produced by Alicia Keys, the artist collaborates with Jermaine Dupri on "Girlfriend" and with Isaac Hayes on "Rock Wit U" from the Shaft soundtrack. Her debut album, Songs in A Minor, is set for release on J Records in late June.

Born and raised in Manhattan, the stunning, bi-racial Alicia Keys recognizes a number of influences including her ultra-supportive mother who told her "You can quit anything else but you can never give up on your piano lessons." Alicia also sites a teacher at the Professional Performance Arts School in Manhattan who, while she was majoring in Choir, gave her valuable instruction on her voice. "This teacher spent so much time with me, she became the closest thing to vocal training I received," Alicia recalls.

At age 16, Alicia’s outstanding grades allowed her to finish high school early. "I was so deeply involved in music, I had already outgrown all the pressure of high school cliques and gossip." Right out of high school, Columbia University accepted Alicia Keys and though she gave it a whirl, the desire to focus on music was the driving force over all else.

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Noone | Reviewer: Chychy babes | 1/28/14

U a great singer alicia and i love all ya songs,especialy brand new me,it makes mi cry n strong,afta bein in an ill relationxip fo so long ya song brandy new mi gav mi da courage to leave n luk wat i got,i found a brandy new kind f mi,i wil neva b perfect buh@least m nw brave........

I am a big fan of alicia keys | Reviewer: Carlotta Goldsmith | 11/3/12

I listen to yours all the time. I really love the song no one and the one you sang at W.E.H. funeral. I cryed all day about her and the love of your song. I will always love you and your songs

rode model | Reviewer: D'Asia blackmon | 6/14/10

Alicia u r in increadable singer.Half of my family is such a big fan of u.(me,sistahs,aunties,my daddy,my momma)i always tried 2 come 2 ur conerts but when i find out dha tickets run dream is 2 become another u or beyonce eather way u & her is my favorite singers.i hope i meet u or become close friends,if u ever read diz i knw u & b is friends can u tell her i said hi? keep ur head up never let ur haters get 2 u diz wat i say soo much negatived brin soo much sucess.cnt wait 2 see u in chicago.luv ya

Best female act | Reviewer: Tonia o | 5/29/10

Alicia keys!!! Hmm whr do i stat u r my best female act.i luv evrytin sung by u.av bin following up ur music rite frm ur ist album.u r beautiful,talented n scandal free.av got all of ur albums.kip sayn i hope i wld b able 2pay u 2sing @ my wedding

I love Alicia | Reviewer: Mimi | 4/13/10

I love your stlye and the way you sing. I like all your songs, and i like that you are a strong and indepwndent young woman. I also play the piano and try to play some of your songs.I look up to u as a role model. Keep doing your thing.

my role model | Reviewer: alisha rauch | 3/4/10

omg alicia your a really good i mean the best singer in the world i listen to your music all the time i love your song dah dee dah(sexy thing)i'd love to meet to some time your my role model because you have a great voice and because you have the same name as me jkjk your homeie alisha

INSPIRATIONAL!!!! | Reviewer: Tanya Stephens | 11/12/09

I got to meet her in Denver last year in September and she was so tender and true! She has to be the most amazing woman I've ever come in contact with. She really cares about her fans. I had front row seats and will never forget her generosity with her autographs and pictures! WOW OH WOW WHAT A NIGHT NEVER FORGOTTEN!

Best Femail Artist | Reviewer: Rita | 8/13/09

I reaally like Alicia Keys and i think she is the best African American Femal singer. My favourite songs from her are Karma, If i Aint got you and I keep On Falling. She looks so pretty there. I really admire her voice and acting ability as well.

she is my best | Reviewer: ebangha ayang | 2/10/09

baby you are my best and i enjoy the looks in your eyes. you are my role model and i wish i could be your friend.
i listen to your musics everyday of my life, keep up girl, greetings and love from Cameroon.

she's the best | Reviewer: khadi mansaray | 11/30/08

I think Alicia Keys is the best singer in this world. Her lyrics comes from her heart. She is so real when she sings. Because of her music, i'm inspired to sing on many occasions. She is the greatest human being as well as she sends her song to the souls.i just love her.

alicia is my life | Reviewer: chriss | 10/25/08

she is all i have. i lisen all day to her songs. my wish is to see her in a live concert, but she never comes to romania. so i'm sad for this. maybe she will come some day. she is soo talented girl. go ahead alicia!!!

Fallin n No one | Reviewer: Xanto | 10/9/08

Alicia keys i just want to say ILU IMU INU (i love u,i miss u,i need u) ur all songs make me say Waw.!! and i cant say.. first rate fallin and No one. when u come to indonesia again? specially in Bandar lampung city and dont have tired khey...!

thank you | Reviewer: Brittany Smith | 4/22/08

Alicia keys is the most amazing song writer her song has gotten me threw alot of hard times male wise and i just want to take the time to thank her on that tip after listening to her songs made me feel better about certain situations

"No One" | Reviewer: Neundra King | 3/29/08

I just want to say that i love your music so much. When you came out with "Like You'll Never See Me Again", I was blown away! It was like you were reading my mind. Its just awesome. I love it to death. You really did your thang with that one. "No One" could have done it better than you. Please keep it up!! MUCH LOVE!!

"No One" | Reviewer: Neundra King | 3/30/08

I just want to say that i love your music so much. When you came out with "Like You'll Never See Me Again", I was blown away! It was like you were reading my mind. Its just awesome. I love it to death. You really did your thang with that one. "No One" could have done it better than you. Please keep it up!! MUCH LOVE!!

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