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Raven Symone Alice Lyrics

Last updated: 05/06/2011 12:00:00 PM

[cell phone rings]
I'm giving you only the truth
This is your last chance
After me, there will be no more
If you hear it in your self-conscience,
You will stay in Wonderland
And i will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes...

Alice lives in a land that I am envious of
Yellow dragons, violet cats and black talking purple knobs
She steps on anything that might get in her way on you
Alice had love but she pushed all of her people away
She felt as if she was alone, distant, ugly, afraid
She didn't know that her life was already made

You're loved and you will find
Someone with your frame of mind
So if you would be so kind
To not cross that line
And fall into a world where
Everything is flipped
And where you fly to swim
And you fly to drive

Fly with me in the sea
Swim with me in the breeze
Drive with me on the clouds
Fly with me on the ground
Follow me into my rabbit hole,
I'll show you everything I've been told
I'll lead you to a land unknown
Where happiness is grown

I live in a world that alice would be envious of
Everybody's mind is closed there falls a white dove
Find your treasured feather and you better treat it right
Petals can unfold all at one time and fall at the drop of the dime
With tragic reds and joyous reds of a blue yesterday
It makes me crazy to hear of your purple yellow haze
Alice had it great, wanna be like her some day
In a world where everything is flipped and people are stuck in the maze


Fly, Swim, Drive, Fly

Fly, Swim, Drive, Fly
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