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Neil Sedaka Alice In Wonderland Lyrics

Last updated: 12/06/2012 06:41:24 AM

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Alice, pretty little Alice, pretty little Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in wonderland, won't you take me by the hand,
And lead me to your wonderland of love.

I took one look at you, and that was all I had to do,
Alice, you're the girl I'm dreamin of.

Tweedle dum, tweedle dee,
You have made my life a fantasy.
You don't know what you're doing to me,
My heart goes pitter patter
'cause I'm mad as a hatter for

Alice, my little girl, there is no other in this whole wide world,
Take me by the hand, tell me you understand,
Alice, Alice in wonderland

Oh Alice, pretty little Alice, pretty little Alice in wonderland.

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