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1987. The wonderful year marked with the birth of Alice in
Chains. It all started in Seattle,WA at a party. It just so
happened that an extremely talented guitarist named Jerry
Cantrell was attending this party along with the man that
sings like a lark, Layne Staley.
At that time, Layne was involved in a glam band which was
growing stale. When he met and hit it off with Jerry that
night, Jerry threw out the brilliant idea that they should
start a band together. Layne agreed. Now there were two.

Jerry knew a man by the name of Mike More...

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Review about Alice In Chains songs
Great song | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Would? performed by Alice In Chains

Great top rocking song, turn it up, put on bass boost and listen to Mike Starr's pounding bass link fantastically with Layne Staley's harrowing vocals....perfection!

Early Demo | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Fairytale Love Story performed by Alice In Chains

Good early song simplistic in lyrics, AIC might have rushed to create the song. This is one of the earliest Alice in Chain songs ever made. I believe it was featured on The Treehouse Tapes they used to sell at their concerts. It probably was included in the Publisher Demos before they got a record deal and needed to create songs to showcase their band. It was probably recorded sometime in late 1987 or in 1988. This is one of the few AIC songs that wasn't featured on an actual CD, along with Chemical Addiction, King of the Kats, Bite the Bullet, and a cover of David Bowie's song Suffragete City.

meaning of the song: | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Black Gives Way To Blue performed by Alice In Chains

just so you know, the song is about Layne Staley's death, and how Jerry Cantrell felt black and depressed when it happened, but he's saying to lay down and not worry because the black fades to blue eventually.

The excess of Touring | Reviewer: Flynn Taylor
    ------ About the song Don't Follow performed by Alice In Chains

Personally to me it reflects excess of the hell of rock n roll lifestyle- long tours, drugs, and endless sex- I mean its fun in the beginning but once you take that rocket for what almost 2 years which I believe that was about how long dirt tour lasted- so the guys were exhausted, fed up, and to me the lyrics illustrate that forgot my woman ( jerry GF) lost my friends ( when you got down time for chat especially when youre too high to care- things I done where I've been- I can only imagine the things they did on the road - freak me out!!! sleep in sweat the mirror cold- when can they got a break?? its the fast lane see my face its going old- the years going by what down time are they getting to destress?? and they arent feeling young anymore that for sure- scared to death no reason why - it can be quite frightening to NOT know where you are headed- do whatever to get me by- to me that implies that they gonna fake it as they gotta get through it even if they are sick of it- think about the things I said read the page cold and dead- that reflects on the outside world going on around them which they are obliv too while singing their little hearts out everynight!!! Take me home- well thats obiv they wanna go home- relax take a vac from it all- and so the message to me is Say Goodbye Dont follow- dont do what we do because youll pay for it in the end. Interesting to note that swing on this also off of Jar is the exact opposite message of dont follow hahahaha- let me be im ok - like we love this life- hahahaa I find it rather amusing. Although Jerry did write Dont Follow Layne give that track its soul almost a gospel feel - with conviction- it is one of my all time favorite songs off Jar of Flies. Jar has this beautiful diversity to showcase Alice in chains in such a different light- it is cross generational- older people and younger people love it. First EP is history to reach number #1- musically I feel it is superior and you gotta give that credit to Cantrell as he composed all the musical arrangements himself for Jar of Flies. However Layne wrote 4 songs on that album Rotten, Nutshell, I Stay Away, and Swing on This- with Jerry writing 3- No Excuses, Whale & Wasp, Don't Follow. Still the magic of this band comes from the combination of them both as Jerry sing harmony in almost every track Alice has- man, them, would, down, no excuses, rain, hate, angry- he is all in there- most fans forget that because Layne has always been featured in the press and in videos- but Jerry sings those songs- so to me Alice in Chains will always be Layne and Jerry- their voices made those songs we love what they are- f**ken perfect!!! As for Jar of Flies I consider it the Anthology of Alice and a true representation of their lives.

one of the greatest AIC's songs. | Reviewer: Alejandro
    ------ About the song God Am performed by Alice In Chains

I really love this one. In fact, I love every single album from Facelift to the Unplugged. Those are awesome. It's a shame Layne passed away so young. His voice is just amazingly good. I feel so identified with the lyrics of this song at thia moment of my life, Layne's effort to write this was big. So, dear God, how have you been up there?

Tar: the real sludge | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sludge Factory performed by Alice In Chains

Layne was the lead vocals of AiC and none can compare, Jerry wrote this
song with most of their music, Layne did cowrite some but the majority of his input came in the form of how and when he sang the words expressing the feelings vocally, he was a bad ass. Jerry writes about Layne coming to his house after being incognito and getting high when he claims to be clean, says his shot hit right and the rush comes on.......And I'm high? Layne was claiming to be sober, but still using so he tries to flip it.. Look into my eyes deep.... im tieed of this and I'm starting to give up. The carton picture refers to him basically blowing off Jerrys concerns about his reclusiveness, saying disappearing for a day is nothing to worry about. He Talks about the calling to congratulate on but really making sure he hasnt relapsed yet, by day nine the physical aspects of withdrawl are gone so the label really wanting to get back to work, but they allow him to control the time frame and he continues to use. His tracks give it away, high and scared of losing his band he gurgles another date of sobriety . Most say the last verse now one soul i Adore wants to die....refers to his girl, but i see it as Jerry accepting his friend is consumed with this addiction and they both know the only way he will be able to shake heroin, by death. In short this song was the story of one mans blinding addiction and his close friends attempts to salvage his life from black tar heroin that is so widely available in Seattle. I see it this way because I continue to fight this battle with my friends and family almost daily as I have used for years now. If your not familiar black tar is obviously black as well as extremely sticky. The "Sludge Factory" is referring to the user and his body is like a factokr

rooster | Reviewer: Julian
    ------ About the song Rooster performed by Alice In Chains

Ok so this is late but I can say as a fellow soldier I've never heard a veteran of a war talk bad about there country or blame the hardships on there country the truth of the matter is once you deploy the only thing that matters is survival yours and the people around you the fighting for freedom part usually comes from the people who've never experienced war or its effect so they'll never understand the mindset of the people who have and as for me the rooster signifies the coming of morning and to snuff the rooster means to stop morning from coming in the song his buddies dying he's going through all these hardships he doesn't want time to flow and just like tomorrow always comes the rooster always crows and nobody can stop it which is why the rooster never dies

Sludge factory | Reviewer: Melyssa
    ------ About the song Sludge Factory performed by Alice In Chains

The first part of this song is about a junkie shooting another junkie up and get'n off on it!! It's called stealing a high! " your eyes dilalate you shake I'm HIGH " the first time I ever heard that I was like, "wow, he just put that out there!" No matter what he did in life he was an amazing creator!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Sad Song: Shame In You | Reviewer: Jeremy
    ------ About the song Shame In You performed by Alice In Chains

For me, this song always got me in the heart, because there is somber feeling that never quite leaves this song. Like the singer wanted you to know how bad he was getting but he crafted so well to make it like it wasn't his persoanl feelings, but I see Layne written all over this song. And I'm sad to play this song because all I usually think about is how a great musician rise to the top and then fell when it got tough from drugs and depression.

'Don't Follow' is about suicide, not addiction or heroine directly. | Reviewer: Scott Wesley
    ------ About the song Don't Follow performed by Alice In Chains

This song is about suicide, regardless of the reasons for the act. It is not about heroine addiction. Yes Jerry wrote it, and sounds more like Lanes life, but that changes nothing.

If you will, follow my trane of interpretation:

Hey, I ain't never coming home.
I have decided to end my life.

Hey, I'll just wander my own road.
I am so lost and alone. And have run out of hope. My misery has pushed everyone I care for so far away. But I dont want to tell you my decision yet. Youll understand once I am gone. (or perhaps its a sort-of filler lyric)

Hey-hey, I can't meet you here tomorrow - no, no. -
By tomorrow, I will be dead.

Say goodbye don't follow. Misery so hollow.
Dont take my suicide as something to consider for yourself.
Dont romanticize my, your own or anyone elses dark struggles: if it draws you in, youll find there is no sweet spot or silver lining to internal darkness. The attraction is real, the reality is fake. So youre left with nothing.

"Hey you, you're livin' life full throttle."
I have no clue what this means. Maybe referring back to Dont do what I am about to because youre life is going well.

"Hey you, pass me down that bottle, yeah..."
OK, Ive made up mind my, hand me the bottle of pills to kill myself.
Or Hes found some comfort among others who also want to die lets take a swig of booze and get this over with.

The pills are taken, its just a matter of time now.
Now hes entering a state of transformation: aware and existing between living and dead.

"Hey-hey you, you can't shake me round now."
Hes now remembering the first time he went through that transition - being born. Opposite direction but similar experience. So he is now telling his mother (not in person), hes not in her womb, or dependent on her, so he is free and a bit bitter about the past.

"I get so lost and don't know how, yeah..."
Being a sensitive soul, the bitterness shifts to an attempt at explaining to her that he did try over and over, but always ended up in a living hell.

"It hurts to care, I'm goin' now."
He realizes that he dropped his guard, so he is starting to feel sadness, reflect on regret and guilt for the pain he will cause others. OK, enough. I AM doing to die. So one last time: goodbye.

*** The song tone changes, indicating that hes now shifting from looking back and saying goodbye to looking forward at whats to come.

"Well I forgot my woman, lost my friends
Things I've done and where I've been,"
His identity and any relation to what he knows as life are now gone.

"Sleep in sweat - the mirror's cold -
Seen my face? It's growin' old -"
His body is reacting to the drugs cold sweats.
Looking in a mirror, he gets a chilling view of a dying face. Or hes sick of being reminded of his life, which is strongest when looking at himself in the mirror.

"Scared to death, no reason why"
No more misery, depression, or agony, so why be scared?
And it is a play on words: Why be scared to death when he has already insured that he will get to death very soon anyways.

"Do whatever to get me by,"
Hell grab any distraction to avoid experiencing the horrors the poison he took is causing until he is dead. So he chooses to:
"Think about the things I've said
Read the page its cold and dead"
But reflecting on anything he has said is pointless: he cant address who he said them to, or adjust to how people react, but as far as he is concerned he is already dead.

"An' take me home!
Yeah! Take me home!
Oh-oh... take me home
Take me home, yeah.
Take me home. Yeah, oh."

Home is resolve, relief, comfort. And he has felt dead for so long, being dead will be like home to him than living another day.

Hes now feeling hopeful and optimistic. Leaving the body, the relief of the pain feels so good.

"Say goodbye. Don't follow."
One final time, reminding others not to do what he has now done.

Follow that into the song Swing On This (the next song on that album). Death is over. The song is more upbeat. Hes confronted with feeling his family and friends' desire for him to come back to life (said come home), but he still wants to die (heading towards what home is for him.) He hears a voice that says you have a choice, but he knows he cant go back, only choose how fast he heads home.

Or I am completely wrong and all of that was just my weird mind getting too creatively over-active.

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