Alice In Chains Albums

  • The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here Album (5/28/2013)
    Pretty Done
    The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
    Lab Monkey
    Low Ceiling
    Breath On A Window
    Phantom Limb
    Hung On A Hook

  • Black Gives Way To Blue Album (9/29/2009)
    All Secrets Known
    Check My Brain
    Last Of My Kind
    Your Decision
    A Looking In View
    When The Sun Rose Again
    Acid Bubble
    Lessons Learned
    Take Her Out
    Private Hell
    Black Gives Way To Blue

  • Music Bank Album (10/26/1999)
    Am I Inside
    Angry Chair
    A Little Bitter
    Bleed the Freak
    Dam That River
    Down In A Hole
    Fear The Voices
    Get Born Again
    God Am
    God Smack
    Got Me Wrong
    Hate To Feel
    Head Creeps
    Heaven Beside You
    Iron Gland
    It Ain't Like That
    I Can't Have You Blues
    I Can't Remember
    I Stay Away
    Killing Yourself
    Love, Hate, Love
    Lying Season
    Man in the Box
    No Excuses
    Over Now
    Queen Of The Rodeo
    Rain When I Die
    Right Turn
    Sea of Sorrow
    Social Parasite
    Them Bones
    The Killer Is Me
    We Die Young
    Whatcha Gonna Do
    What The Hell Have I?

  • Nothing Safe-Best Of The Box Album (6/29/1999)
    Angry Chair
    Down In A Hole
    Get Born Again
    Got Me Wrong
    Iron Gland
    I Stay Away
    Man in the Box
    No Excuses
    Them Bones
    We Die Young
    What The Hell Have I?

  • Unplugged Album (7/1/1996)
  • Alice In Chains Album (11/21/1995)
  • Jar Of Flies Album (1/25/1994)
  • Dirt Album (10/1/1992)
  • Sap Album (2/1/1992)
  • Facelift Album (8/1/1990)

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    Alice In Chains 1995 Album Review | Reviewer: Jeremy
        ------ About the album Alice In Chains performed by Alice In Chains

    NOTE: First Review i've ever made, so don't judge,if it's that bad.

    We'll here we are with Alice in Chains eponymous third studio album, and might I say, it’s a hard album to swallow, because at the time period of their career, Layne as you all know was heavily into drugs, which could’ve been the main problem for the album here because the way his voice sounded during the recording sessions that led it to sound very dull, mostly for the drugs yes, but also the production of the whole album was really bland also. It almost sounded like an early 90’s Korn album here, and this made it really hard for me to enjoy when I first heard the album
    At the start I pretty much hated it all except for the opener track Grind and the last track Over Now, which in my opinion is the most emotional track besides Heaven Beside You and Shame In You but we’ll get to those tracks later
    I will be doing a track by track scenario here, so enjoy and, yes don’t get mad if you think I didn’t use the right context here, this is my first review Remember.

    Grind (9/10)
    Grind; is easily the best and most standout track on the album, here what you got is basically a real pack a punch here, kids, it’s a simple, yet heavy chugging song you can easily headbang to when you’re going to sleep, or when you’re not at your best at the moment, it has a really great riff, a great solo and best of all a great song; Also to note, this is one of the three tracks where Jerry Cantrell sings lead vocals, and in my opinion this is my least favorite one, still my top track of the album and in my top three tracks of the band Alice in Chains in whole, but on the latter two his voice sounds more unique than this one by far
    Still a great track though.

    Brush Away (7/10)
    Brush Away; is another hitter right here, I love the intro, but the song is somewhat of a letdown also, in my first response to the track I just said it was okay, and now it’s still only just okay, because this track along with a few others gets a little boring near the end, whereas this track gets boring halfway through, and though I love the solo in the end, it’s still just nothing but an average track here.

    Sludge Factory (7/10)
    same with this track here, it has the same problem, though the song has my favorite title of the whole album, it’s another boring track here, it’s a really good song, up until it gets near the 4-5 min of the track where it starts to drag on, and yes, this one it really does drag on, more than others, the song also is the first song, you really start to hear Layne ever deteriorating voice, which at this point of the album, it makes you start to wonder if his voice will be like this throughout the whole album, overall I give this song a 7/10

    Heaven Beside You (10/10)
    Heaven Beside You; Is a real gold track, I honestly love this song so damn much, it’s pretty intense, anyway the highlights of this track, is how jerry’s voice really shines here, like his voice sounds so different, it’s almost hard to tell, if it is really him singing, the song altogether moves at a good pace, and it doesn’t bore you along the way, like the past two have, but don’t worry more boring to decently good tracks are on the way, my favorite parts of the song is where both layne and jerry harmonize their voices to get a very unique sound, and the solo is just spectacular to say the least.

    Head Creeps (8/10)
    This track is where layne’s voice sounds real fucked here, I love the album, but some of these tracks, like I pointed out earlier have layne sounding the oddest we have ever heard him, and this one takes the cake, because he sounds like a totally different person here, moving on, thanks to Sean Kinney the drums are really great on this song. this track, is like sludge factory, except it doesn’t bore you and it’s just about upbeat as grind was, a real nice song here, this is the only song where layne made the music and lyrics at the same time, so ya this is a special track here.

    Again (9/10)
    The song I think is about abuse, I’m pretty sure, because the lyrics, talk about abuse of someone, anyway this song is another an my opinion a favorite of this album, and people should give this one a listen along with grind first, before they go deeper into this album, not much to say, other than this song’s music video was nominated for best music video, in 1996.

    Shame In You (10/10)
    I think this song is straight up depressing, in a good way, but it’s a much underrated track, by most listeners, and this song should be given a second chance, the solo is good, and the outro is my favorite of this album, I just love the simpleness of the song, which makes it sound so powerful.

    So Close (6/10)
    So Close; which is really just an averagely track I guess, definitely the shortest song in the bands discography, it has a good opener, but will drag on along with the next track.

    Nothin’ Song (4.5/10)
    This is my least favorite song by far, I really don’t like this song, I might in the future, but I still dislike now, the title says it all, it really is a nothing song, because it talks about nothing, like it talks about something with peanut butter, and how the song means nothing, it’s a song that will fade away pretty quickly, even though it’s just over 5 min’s it’s a grueling 5 min’s like sludge factory was, with it being 7 min’s long, it’s a song I don’t recommend to people really, I don’t.

    Frogs (8.5/10)
    Frogs; is a real underrated song, here, it’s a very dark moody song, that it’s good, that layne’s new strained voice really goes well with this particular song, it really sets the angry and tiresome mood that drugs put on him, that make his voice and this song really click, along with shame in you, I would give this song a second listen, because those two are really underrated good songs, why I give it 8.5, is only because the last two minutes it gets a little boring, though I always listen to the full song, I don’t really pay attention to the last little bit, I still love the song dearly though, for 8 min’s you’re really getting it’s worth, because those 8 minutes are really dark.

    Over Now (10/10)
    Over Now is a great way to end the album, by far, and it’s a real emotional track to end the Layne Staley era of the band, the band altogether, until William Duvall came in and made Black Gives Way To Blue, which is great. The track here is the third and final song where jerry Cantrell sings lead, and harmonizes with Layne, to make a great song, and the acoustic added to the song, couldn’t have been any better, but they upped it another notch with the weary guitar solos, around certain parts of the song, and the acoustical finale in the final 3 minutes of the song, of this 7 minute masterpiece, and it was the 4th and final single of the album, which should’ve been nominated for a hard rock performance, but no they went with grind, which is still kick ass

    Overall, the album is hard to listen and I require you give it at least a couple listens before you start to appreciate the album like me, the 4 singles they produced were
    Heaven Beside You
    Over Now
    And two songs got nominated for awards
    Grind for best hard rock performance
    Again for best music video and best hard rock performance
    Both of which lost

    The album deserves a (4/5)
    Though a great album, it has it fair share of fillers, though not horrible or unlistenable fillers, just average fillers

    - Grind
    - Again
    - Over Now
    - Frogs
    - Heaven Beside You
    - Shame In You
    - Solos are excellent
    - Guitar is great
    - A few songs are either really bland, or just boring
    - Production is dull
    - Layne’s voice is different, likely the effects of drug abuse
    - Nothin’ Song
    - Over Now didn’t get nominated for an award
    - Layne’s Final Album
    - Drums are average, except on Head Creeps and Heaven Beside You

    all the love to alice | Reviewer: dena
        ------ About the album Dirt performed by Alice In Chains

    This album was beautiful, scary, sad, and absolutely AMAZING. I love every aic song ever made, so dirt is not necessarily my favorite, but it is part of my most beloved music ever. AIC Lives! Happy B day Jerry!

    best grunge album ever | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Dirt performed by Alice In Chains

    best grunge album ever gives off such an eerriiee and dark presence throughout the album......masterfully crafted from their own torment and pain.... there music is real.... sounds awesome too, which is my favorite part...also R.I.P. layne

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