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Alice In Chains Music Bank Album

Last updated: 02/23/2000 11:01:18 PM

Release Date: 10/26/1999
Tracks in Music Bank: Again, Am I Inside, Angry Chair, A Little Bitter, Bleed the Freak, Brother, Confusion, Dam That River, Died, Dirt, Down In A Hole, Fear The Voices, Frogs, Get Born Again, God Am, God Smack, Got Me Wrong, Grind, Hate To Feel, Head Creeps, Heaven Beside You, Iron Gland, It Ain't Like That, I Can't Have You Blues, I Can't Remember, I Stay Away, Junkhead, Killing Yourself, Love, Hate, Love, Lying Season, Man in the Box, No Excuses, Nutshell, Over Now, Queen Of The Rodeo, Rain When I Die, Right Turn, Rooster, Sea of Sorrow, Sickman, Social Parasite, Them Bones, The Killer Is Me, We Die Young, Whatcha Gonna Do, What The Hell Have I?, Would?

Music Bank Album Tracklist