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1987. The wonderful year marked with the birth of Alice in Chains. It all started in Seattle,WA at a party. It just so happened that an extremely talented guitarist named Jerry Cantrell was attending this party along with the man that sings like a lark, Layne Staley.
At that time, Layne was involved in a glam band which was growing stale. When he met and hit it off with Jerry that night, Jerry threw out the brilliant idea that they should start a band together. Layne agreed. Now there were two.

Jerry knew a man by the name of Mike Starr who agreed to play bass for the new band. Now all they needed was a drummer. (Layne could play of course, but as you know, he enjoys vocals) Luckily, Mike introduced the others to Sean Kinney, a crazy drummer who was dating Mike's sister. They decided to call their band Alice 'n Chains. (The name was supposedly spawed from a crazy idea about the group dressing in drag and playing). The monumental date of their first gig was on August 5, 1987.

After that, they were briefly known as Diamond Lie and played a few shows sparking the takeoff of their music. Of course they ended up calling themselves Alice In Chains. Later in 1987 they signed with Columbia Records. Their first EP titled "We Die Young" was released in 1990 and is currently a rare collectors item. A few months after that, they released their first full length album called "Facelift".The release of this album sent their debut song "We Die Young" to the top.

Westminister, CA was their first U.S. tour date which happened a few months after Facelift's release. In Seattle, the December 22 show sold out. It was, though, filmed and released as Live Facelift. Their first American Music Award nomination happened in January of 1991 when they were up for Favorite Heavy Metal Artist. Sadly, they lost."Man In The Box" was their first single which they released. This was their first exposure on MTV.

Alice In Chains made a movie debut in the film "Singles" where they played the song "Would?" in a bar. They then toured with Megadeth in Europe for the first time. They received a Grammy nomination for the "Best Heavy Metal Performance". Sadly, they lost again.

Next up for AIC was the "Clash of the Titans" tour with Slayer. They then had time to make their television debut with ABC for their "In Concert" show. After that they accompanied Van Halen on a 4 month tour.Facelift went gold around September of 1991. During their tour break in November, they recorded their second EP. The album was titled SAP, a name given to it by Sean Kinney. He had a dream about the group making an album and naming it SAP because it was "sappy".

Spring 1992 was some well deserved off-time for AIC. They soon began recording Dirt, though. It was released in September. "Would?" was the first single released. "Angry Chair" followed. At this point,Layne broke his foot, but completed the tour with Ozzy using a wheelchair or crutches. (He didn't miss a date!) A tour shirt had an X-ray of Layne's fractured foot on it.

Lollapalooza was the main focus of the summer 1993. After this, they recorded their new EP- Jar Of Flies.They then began the Down In Your Hole tour- a six week speedy tour. At this point, "Down In A Hole" was released as a single. A video was shot for this song as well. Finally, "Them Bones" was released as single number four from "Dirt". The cool film "Last Action Hero" was in theatres along with two unreleased Alice in Chains songs- "What The Hell Have I?" and "A Little Bitter". A video was shot for "What The Hell Have I?"

AIC recorded their third full length album in April of 1995. After nearly four months, the result was a harder heavier album originally named "Tripod". (third full length album, three legged dog and man) The dog on the cover was inspired from a dog that would chase Sean when he was delivering papers as a child. The album ended up self titled. It was released in November 1995 and debuted number one on the Billboard chart. They were nominated for a Grammy once again, and once again they lost.
1996 found AIC performing on Saturday Night Special, David Letterman, and a show for MTV Unplugged.They opened four shows for KISS on their reunion tour as well.

The Unforturnate Death of Lead Singer Layne Staley -- 1967-2002
By: Travis Gibson (

Alice in Chains' Layne Staley died from a mixture of heroin and cocaine, an autopsy and toxicology report revealed Monday.

Laboratory results determined the singer died April 5, according to a spokesperson for the King County medical examiner's office, the same day fellow grunge pioneer Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. Staley was found dead two weeks later, surrounded by intravenous drug paraphernalia in his Seattle apartment.

The death certificate reads Staley's death resulted from "an acute intoxication due to the combined effects of opiate (heroin) and cocaine." The death was classified as "accidental."

The lethal combination goes by the name "speedball" in drug circles. The same ingredients contributed to the deaths of comedian John Belushi in 1982 and actor River Phoenix in 1993.

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layne staley | Reviewer: sandra | 2/21/14

Layne It been years sinces you left us . we are alone to create out on music I am so pround that god gave me the chance to know you a person,lover, a father, and the best person I will ever come to love in my live . know if we had never met that I would be looking forsome one like you to share my life with again our 15 years together went great wishing we had 15 more just like it Layne with so much love for man who brought me joy and and now 12 years later I get the pain like it was yesterday you will not ever come back to me but I got what you had always wanted to have your son THINK you dear RYAN was your life we all knew that I was wrong of ever letting you go We will all met again and be together again love you still Sandra

a great rock band.... | Reviewer: tim allen/ no direction | 5/22/13

Alice in chains nor ny other Seattle band sat to be "grunge" just as badass rock bands.some .marketing powers that be came up with" grunge"seriously I was there.I remember A.I.C.' first record release really kicked ass.and what an incredible library of music the original line up accomplished in really a short time.The big H messed up a lot of lives in those days its sad really.

aussie fan | Reviewer: audrey | 4/25/12

My husband is canadian and spoke highly of alice in chains. never heard of them here in perth western australia. but now i am suprised they never made it. I have never been so impressed and moved by such a talented band. shame shit happens... RIP

Desperately need the Nutshell - 'In your eyes' | Reviewer: Pieter J Pietersen | 9/8/11

I'm desperately seeking for the "In Your Eyes (Nutshell album)"
In Your Eyes is the title of the first album by the Christian trio Nutshell.

Track listing
Side one
"Snowball" (Paul Field)
"Heaven Only Knows" (Paul Field)
"Tell Me That the Sun Will Shine Again" (Paul Field)
"In Your Eyes" (Paul Field)
"Jesus is Forever" (Paul Field)
"Stony Ground"

Side two
"Butterfly" (Paul Field)
"Most Unusual Love" (Paul Field)
"Today" (Paul Field)
"Living Joy" (Paul Field)
"Black Notes White" (Paul Field)
"Reddemed" (Paul Field)

Anybody who can assist or have the album or a copy who can help me, please. When me and my wife met in the early 90,s the songs was part of our romance. Somewhere somehow it get lost. Please if you can help it will be appreciate.

Pieter J Pietersen Cell. No 0725806203

... | Reviewer: someone | 7/14/11

you don't need money to destroy your life. There are cheap drugs and so on. I'm living like shit now a lot of pressure and I could use something right away, anything to forget this shit that I'm living just for some momentss

too much idle time and too much money | Reviewer: rick pena | 7/3/11

these guys have too much money and too much time, combined with the access to drugs, you put anybody in that scenario and it would take superman strenght to survive for very long, some peolple would go to far away exotic places and go out to eat fine restuarants, you got to learn to deal with a lot of money, really, money has destroyed many many people, especially the young and with out life experience that aquires maturity and resolve to be sober and serious with your life, youth is ddeadly when combined with a lot of money and extra time that is idle.

Changed | Reviewer: sammii | 4/3/11

When I first heard laynes voice I thought I heard god pouring in my ear's. I still miss him deeply and they are the greatest band ever 2 me. Being where he was in the end i can relate to totally cause I am nearly there but I know in my next life theres laynes voice to guide me. Word's cannot describe this band. When layne died all the media cared about was another singer out of TLC dying or some shit and it was crazy here we heard hardly anything I was so disgusted with my country and depressed 4ever.R.I.P.Layne your gone but always loved more than you will ever know.

such a great loss! | Reviewer: lancaster | 3/25/11

A writer I am not! I just wanna say I really missed AIC! And I don't care about the name of the singer, or really even how everyone else rates him; ya'all rock any way ya' cut it! I'm just glad you're still w/it! I'm very sorry for each of your personal losses. Everyone deals w/shit differently, and I know what its like to have people saying shit about people who you loved that are gone now. Just remember Starr and Staley how you do. Rip

Tommyland | Reviewer: Tom Fisher | 3/22/11

I got hooked on these guys after I got out of the army, and loved them ever since! The harmonics in the vocals and guitar were one of a kind! To Jerry&Sean I'm sorry for the loss of your brothers Layne and recently your bass player! Hang tough guys ,your brothers would want you to live on and play! Tommy Fisher(Desert Storm Veteran),combat engineer. 12B

Staley | Reviewer: Chelsea Chels | 5/12/10

Im glad that this section doesnt talk about their new singer I don't even know his name thats how bad that guy sucks I always wish that they would have changed the bands name after Staley's death RIP Staley we will never forget you

Staley | Reviewer: Chelsea Chels | 5/12/10

Im glad that this article doesn't include anything about their new singer that guy sucks I think they should have changed the name of Alice in Chains after Layne Staley died :-( Rest in Peace Layne Staley!!!

aic. the greatest. | Reviewer: jake furbish | 1/16/10

i have to say layne is my biggest influence when i started singing, and the heart and soul he put into his music will never be matched. i listen to and play all of their songs on a daily basis and i have to say i may be just 17 but this music really speaks to my soul. rip layne thomas staley. i am your BIGGEST fan. and aic should get a better singer no offense because william duvall doesnt really make aic back to normal. alice in chains isnt the same without layne

alice for ever | Reviewer: laura | 12/3/09

well alice is THE grunge band! the best one I'd ever lisntened to. i'm very sorry for layne and i hope he is in a better place now. i'm from argentina and i started listening to the band in 2005 and i'm really sorry i couldn't see the band in a concert. layne R.I.p

Black Gives Way to Blue | Reviewer: Misty | 10/2/09

All Secrets Known introduces you to the new album Black Gives Way to Blue. Check My Brain is an upbeat realization of years gone and heartache. Last of My Kind is a badass song! It’s right up their with Grind for me. I hope they play this one live on their tour! Your Decision is a cathardic mellow song. The chorus gets to the core of the message in a relaxing Alice in Chains way that no other band could pull off. Then, A Looking in View gets that dirty rock vibe pumping hard. Turn your speakers up on this one! Black Gives Way to Blue ends the CD with a haunting brillance! It’s a beautiful song with Elton John on piano. You’ll want to play this one over and over again for sure.

great release | Reviewer: edub | 8/14/09

I was running sound for a local band and the highlight of the night each weekend was when I got called up to do "man in the box". Now the band i work for now is learning "would?". Feels good to pour something out there at let everyone feel it.

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