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"The sicker our fans get, the sicker we'll get."
--Alice Cooper

Of course, when Alice said that, he knew full well that he
was sowing the seeds not only of North America's cultural
demise but also of the world's. Laugh if you will, but once
you've finished drying your eyes, take a good look at
what's going on around you and try telling me that Alice
Cooper wasn't there first.

DecaSexual gender bending? Hey, any guy can dress like a
girl these days, but it took a real man to change his name
to Alice and have it accepted the world More...

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Review about Alice Cooper songs
stand for Life | Reviewer: kenneth shray
    ------ About the song Dead Babies performed by Alice Cooper

you are known by who you associate with,and coop praised and hung out with anti-lifers pearl-jam.p.j. hung a big sheet with the message pro-choice on stage at one of their events.I say coop is truly evil,don't follow his hogwash.And motley-crue should dump this deviant before they launch their final tour,or coop will ruin the shows.

Desperado | Reviewer: Scott
    ------ About the song Desperado performed by Alice Cooper

This song was written to reflect on the movie "The Magnifincent Seven" The character played by Robert Vaughn wore leather & lace. He did write this for his old drinking buddy Jim as well

ahead of their time | Reviewer: Shane
    ------ About the song Halo Of Flies performed by Alice Cooper

the original cooper line-up deserves credit for this sprawling yet very cohesive cinematic rocker. Featuring many tempo & chord shifts, great dynamics & melodic suspense. All percolating along with the punch & growl that was all over the killer album.

great stuff | Reviewer: tommy
    ------ About the song You Drive Me Nervous performed by Alice Cooper

the bass & guitar riffing up & down, way ahead of it's time...a
fabulous rocker to kick off side two of killer...Alice never got enough credit as singer, but he was always in tune, on time & on key....and sounded good too...

I have missing part of my brain | Reviewer: Tim Gra
    ------ About the song How You Gonna See Me Now performed by Alice Cooper

In 1983 had bike wreck , been in side to no fun , I do stuff not a were of , hurt peps feeling s not trying , my thoughts are very dark , I HATE satan , for he trys to mess with me , some day's I get so bad wish I was not born, just don't know how I get though my dayz , but I have Faith in my Father God, to get me to a new day, more than a lot times I just knew I was going to die. People this life it hard we need help from Jesus , ac is born again now, the song in home run , pray believe in God the higher Power, be at peace,

Keep going Vince, and come to Columbus, Ohio! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'm Eighteen performed by Alice Cooper

Iam just glad that Alice Cooper has been rocking since 1969 still writing new material and staying sober. That is a lot more than several nostalgia bands continually touring with old material

The Indefinite Alice! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ballad Of Dwight Fry performed by Alice Cooper

For those of you whom have been recently acquainted with the
infamous Alice Cooper; congratulations! I remember purchasing
my first Alice album (on Vinyl)"Love it to Death" and was not
disappointed; in fact astonished would be the correct word!
This was "Shock-Rock"; with innovative lyrics, essential guitar
chords, and drum & bass Bulldozer rhythm! A far cry from the
compositions that dominate the FM airwaves of 2013.

Alice cooper is the fucking bomb | Reviewer: Shay
    ------ About the song Ballad Of Dwight Fry performed by Alice Cooper

Alice cooper is the very best shock rocker ever he is a legend and ultimate singer he is better then all the artist today he is the grand daddy of shock rock and he is even better then marilyn mansion

Awesome song | Reviewer: J.
    ------ About the song I Gotta Get Outta Here performed by Alice Cooper

Alice never fails to delight with his lyrics. As dark and twisted as they oftentimes are, they are compulsive and oftentimes funny as all hell. This album is hilarious in a dark sort of way. The best part of the song is the ending "What part of dead don't you get?"

OMG | Reviewer: prettytwisted
    ------ About the song Ballad Of Dwight Fry performed by Alice Cooper

The start of this song it sent shkvers down myspine.First time k heard alicd cooper i was at a wrestling show and some one used poison as thrrd theme song(i ended up wrestling for that same company and became good friends witn the person who used poisin as there theme song )

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