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Alexandra Spencer Johnson, was born November 4, 1986. She
has six brothers and three sisters. Her first singing
lessons came at the early age of six, with her first public
performance at age nine. Her first national television
performance was singing the national anthem at the Canucks
final home game when she was eleven. She got that
appearance by winning a contest sponsored by the popular
KISS-FM radio station. Alexz beat out over 800 other
people, many of whom were professional adult vocalists.
This led to many other opportunities More...

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Reviews about Alexz Johnson songs

Alexz Johnson can sing anything... | Reviewer: GenE.
    ------ About the song Soft Spoken performed by Alexz Johnson

Proving beyond a shadow of doubt that she can sing any gendre, Alexz Johnson moans through "Soft Spoken" with as much passion as any gifted voice on Sunday. Long overdue for superstardom, this mature talent
has already delivered one classic after another during her four years with "Instant Star" on Canadian television. Her captivating performances
make each song a favorite among those fortunate enough to know of her work.

Wh@t3v3r | Reviewer: vulnerable.
    ------ About the song Skin performed by Alexz Johnson

This song gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. I relate so much to this song because of my father. =( Best song ever! Love her voice! Love Alexz Johnson she's so talented. - my profile

Dad | Reviewer: Kelly
    ------ About the song Skin performed by Alexz Johnson

I love this song, its one of the best songs iv heard in my life. Both the lyrics and the music, and i find i can totally relate to it. My mum dident fit amoungst my dads pretty things, and i wish i could get every part of me thats like him from under my skin.

I hope Alexz goes on to make many more Amazing passionate songs, shes so talented.

in memory of my sister 'Sam' | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Skin performed by Alexz Johnson

My sister was sexually abused by our father and she lived an emotional hell because of this. i thought this song was so appropriate and powerful about a paedophile. The beginning reflects to me how my sister took her own life to try and find a better place. The white lies reflect the games paedophiles play and lie to their victims and in my sister's case she was told to tell white lies so he wouldn't be caught out. then there's the powerful chorus he's under my skin.... I could analyse every word. I am so consumed with this song as it really is a story about what my sister went through and wondering if it was a crime her own father took away her innocence.

Rockstar | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 24 Hours performed by Alexz Johnson

I love this song. She is so awesome as herself and as Jude I can't wait for the show to start back i hope that her and tommy will b 2gether bcuz they belong 2gether 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Team JUMMY

Errors in Who Am I Fooling | Reviewer: Brittany
    ------ About the song Who Am I Fooling performed by Alexz Johnson

Hey i absolutely love this song one of my favorites i am listening to it now but in the first verse it says "Sometimes just hits me right between the eyes" it should be sometimes it just hits me right between the eyes. just trying to help thanks for posting the lyrics. love love love it!!

I haven't heard this song before | Reviewer: jessica
    ------ About the song Without You performed by Alexz Johnson

Where did you get this song from, because I've never heard it before. Is this from the third CD

special<3 | Reviewer: maya
    ------ About the song 24 Hours performed by Alexz Johnson

I was watching Instant Star for the first time when I heard this song. Then later on I had to get the song!
Her voice is so special and strong, WooW! You can't compare anyone to this girl, her voice is too special! I can't say anymore than WoW.

Agnes | Reviewer: Agnes
    ------ About the song Transparet Lies performed by Alexz Johnson

i'm happy cause I nevr see his text ... i'm happy...:) thanks you so much...:):) :*:*:*:*

About this song. | Reviewer: Emily
    ------ About the song Skin performed by Alexz Johnson

Wow, this song is great, i actually felt this song, and i normally DONT feel songs. I have a guy who is still under my skin.

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