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Alexisonfire was the brain child of Helcama von shnowsitz,
a reclusive Norwegian doctor. Dr. Helcama had advance
knowledge of cloning and test tube human production.

One day he grew weary of the constant pressures of the
outside world so he drew up plans to make a lethal hit
squad of 5 Catholic school girls who would bring down the
capitalist regime that had crushed his will to live. But
unfortunately during the cloning process he spilled a vile
of what is known in the scientific world as AGENT X606.(two
parts lysol, one part jack More...

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Review about Alexisonfire songs
Bulexic | Reviewer: Anamia
    ------ About the song Control performed by Alexisonfire

The power behind this song is that it can be deeply interpreted from many levels. For me, it seems to be describing an eating disorder- which is just a symptom of depression or anxiety. "Look past the mirror", "be what you are", "looked less alive", and "Wait until light" are a spot on description of how I felt. And it's eerie how the title sums up what depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder really are: Control. Absolutely love it. Alexisonfire always had the best lyrics... Miss em.

Lyric Meanings | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We Are The End performed by Alexisonfire

I get a feeling that the lyrics are talking about joining together and being a "war-less" army. We should become and army of peace? If so, what are the arms of gods? Words and ideas?

Personal experience | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Where No One Knows performed by Alexisonfire

I think the song has to do with a rejected love. A love that once was whole, but his lover left.

It expresses how his love has pretty much abandoned him, leaving him loving her but getting nothing in return(Thus: I will beat my fist against my chest, if only to stop my heart from beating for you.) and how his lover barely talks to him anymore(You can't leave me waist-high wading all alone)... He then begins to call her but cant say anything so all he does is hear her breath.

End of an era | Reviewer: Dg
    ------ About the song Control performed by Alexisonfire

A lot of their songs are about depression, this one included. Ironic as I am genuinely depressed this band are over, they have helped me through the tough times. Battled with mental health problems for over 12 years and this band really pull me through some truely horrible times over the past ten years, now I feel lost as they're no longer going to be making new music, something I always looked forward to. 26 years old and mourning my favourite band, oh dear :p

has nothing to do with text messages | Reviewer: jake
    ------ About the song Adelleda performed by Alexisonfire

obviously the whole thing is about a relationship, but i just thought i would mention the part about the "hide behind your crystal screen and blow kisses at me" is talking about a computer screen, not text messaging. This came out years before anyone texted like they do these days.

Song versus video | Reviewer: Trixc
    ------ About the song This Could Be Anywhere In The World performed by Alexisonfire

I totally agree that this song is LEGENDARY the video was good but I honestly expected much more.
The video wasnt up to the calibre of the song.

Why did u guys have to break up Alexis??

LOVE this song | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song Happiness By The Kilowatt performed by Alexisonfire

PLEASE DO NOT GUESS AT THE MEANING OF THIS SONG. READ, READ, READ, The Euphio Question written by Kurt Vonnegut, it's entertaining and has a funny ending. THEN listen to this song again and again. YOU WILL FULLY UNDERSTAND EACH LINE TO THIS SONG.


AOF | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song Rough Hands performed by Alexisonfire

Excuse me? Are you saying that Rise Against's lyrics do not compete with AOF? Ohwell, I LOVE both bands. But Rise Against will always be number one. Love the lyrics in this song, Dallas and Davey did great.

THIS IS ALEXISONFIRE | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sharks And Danger performed by Alexisonfire

Couldnt have hit the nail on the head any more perfect in regards to the human condition. We all have worries and concerns, and the fear that life brings will always be there, for it makes us human. It's up to us to control ourselves and deal with situations accordingly without losing control. This band is much deeper than some may think, and my god can they rock :)

by the way, this is THEIR original song, not Moneen's. Moneen did record an amazing cover for the 'Switcheroo' CD, While Alexis did the same for a few of their songs.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Philosophical Significance Of Shooting My Sister In The Face. An Essay By James Secord performed by Alexisonfire

I love this song, I can't believe they didn't record it better for self titled though :(

This wasn't before dallas, dallas has been in alexisonfire since day one.
The first song they ever wrote was little girls pointing and laughing, the first time they ever played it it was just dallas, wade & jesse. Then afterwards they got george in who started screaming over it and they were like "we're onto something good here".
So yeah, this song couldn't have been before Dallas joined the band.

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