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Alessia Aquilani (aka Alexia) is Italian dance artist, who
was born in the 19th of May 1967 in La Spezia, Italy. She
came out with her huge hits Summer Is Crazy (released in
-96) and Uh La La La (-97) which was big summer hit here in
Finland many other countries. Alexia's first solo record
was single Me And You (in -95), but before her solo career
she had been in few groups called I Ragazzi Di Migliarina,
Brother Machine and well known Ice MC. In Alexia's opinion
being in Ice MC was one of the most important things in her
career. More...

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A Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Happy performed by Alexia

All I can say is that it is a great and jolly song to sing! It has been one of the upbeat songs featured in the phenomenal "Meteor Garden" series, produced by CTS (Chinese Taiwan) and aired by ABS-CBN (Philippines), and it was used by ABS-CBN in their Kapamilya Drama Advertisement (Family Drama Advertisement) which won big in an international media festival just lately.

I never knew that the singer was actually an Italian. Kudos to the Italian singers out there--you cheer up our world! As Alexia would say, "It's so nice to be happy!"

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