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Alexia Biography

Last updated: 12/18/2013 06:05:37 AM

Alessia Aquilani (aka Alexia) is Italian dance artist, who was born in the 19th of May 1967 in La Spezia, Italy. She came out with her huge hits Summer Is Crazy (released in -96) and Uh La La La (-97) which was big summer hit here in Finland many other countries. Alexia's first solo record was single Me And You (in -95), but before her solo career she had been in few groups called I Ragazzi Di Migliarina, Brother Machine and well known Ice MC. In Alexia's opinion being in Ice MC was one of the most important things in her career. Alexia has been interested in singing and music ever since a child and she has studied those things lot, what hears in her singing.

Alexia's music

Alexia is signed on Sony Epic. Her music has mainly been mainly nice, gentle dance music, but in it can be also heard shades of many different music styles. First Alexia worked many years with Italian star producer Robyx (aka Roberto Zanetti) and most of Alexia's songs are their cooperation. Then in the end of 2000 Alexia thought that it was time for changes, so she started also to write the melodies on her own with cooperation with Massimo Marcolini, who also plays guitar in Alexia's band. That's why Alexia's new album Mad For The Music is big step on her career. It was also step for more pop and soul style of music and everybody who has heard the songs of Mad For The Music and Alexia knows that it was great thing to do. Now we can even more enjoy about Alexia's heavenly voice.

Alexia is very skillful songwriter what unfortunately isn't usual to every artist. Ideas to her songs Alexia gets from her life and feelings among many other things. Her life and feelings are main topics e.g. in her songs Summer Is Crazy and Hold On, which she has dedicated to her late father Agostino who has big part in Alexia's heart.

Simple gripping melodies, catchy choruses and beautiful lyrics are characteristic to Alexia's songs. In her songs it isn't even tried to have very complicated compositions, but they are easy and nice to listen, what lead certainly in one way to big success of her first album Fan Club - in Finland over 85 000 sold copies what means double platinum and the title of most sold foreign record in -97.

Where Alexia is popular and her show

Alexia is popular especially in Italy, Finland, Poland and Brazil, but of course in many other countries they know who she is. For example in UK Alexia was 10th in single list with Uh La La La, what is great achievement. Alexia's performs in front of real band where plays Alexia's good friend and manager Alfredo Petroli (drums), Massimo Marcolini (guitar), Paul Moss (second guitar), Gianni Carondacci (bass) and Stefano Pertuzzi (keyboards) and also two vocalists. For Alexia's show is typical the energy and joy that come from the heart of Alexia. Seeing Alexia live is big joy not only for ears, but also eyes and soul.

Alexia has done well also in competitions

Alexia has had also success in competitions during her solo career. She came 2nd in the festival of San Remo 2002. In the hearts of the people Alexia was the real winner. We have to remember that Alexia was new star in San Remo and it would be for sure that she would win the festival, if she'll take a part during coming years. Alexia herself was more than happy about her success even she didn't win. This is the part of Alexia's personality, about what we all should learn something. It's the joy of life and the respect for everything we succeeded!

Alexia in her spare time

Alexia's spare time goes with her cats Ninina, Vicky and Chicca, and Alexia says that she is a real cat person. Her time goes also to cooking and body-building, and Alexia thinks that it is important to be in good shape so that she will be able to manage long tours. In Alexia you can see that she has made something to be in good shape. In Alexia shows that sport isn't strange concept to her. Rest of the spare time Alexia spends in answering to fan mail. Alexia's favourites in movie are Robert De Niro and Whoopy Goldberg. If Alexia listen music she may be listening for example Queen and Jamiroquai.

This goodhearted and very sympathetic beautiful artist was born in La Spezia, but now she has moved away from there, but where she lives now is her private thing. La Spezia is in the coast of the Meditteranean Sea near mountains. I think that it must be ideal place for artist. Alexia dreams about long career and own big family. Alexia respect people who respect others and of course her, what shouldn't be so hard for anyone who knows her. Shy and quiet Alexia doesn't think herself as a star but modesty makes you look better.

Alexia's releases

Alexia's second album The Party was released in summer '98. From this album was released singles Gimme Love, The Music I Like and Keep On Movin'. The Party is absolutely fantastic record and Alexia's wonderful warm voice gets for it rights in slow tracks like Crazy For You and Feelings. In The Party is of course fast dancebeat like incredible good song The Music I Like.

Alexia's third album was called Happy . First single released from this album was Goobye and it may be the best Alexia song ever. DWA said that all the songs in Happy would have been enough good to be released as a single. Second single taken from Happy was the name song Happy.

In May of 2000 was released single Ti Amo Ti Amo. It's great and very positive song full of energy made with more real instruments. Also finally after three albums Roberto Zanetti thought that it was time to release collection of Alexia's hits. The collection album is simple named as The Hits. Alexia also made a duet song Non Ti DimenticherĂ² with well known Italian singer Gianni Morandi.

The year 2001 has brought new singles called Money Honey, that is also first song written totally - so both lyrics and melody - by Alexia herself, and Summerlovers. Also already is released new album Mad For Music full of Alexia's heavenly music. This time the music is even more made by Alexia herself with cooperation of Massimo Macolini, because she thought that it was time for changes.

Year 2002 has brought also a change to Alexia's music. Her newest album simply called Alexia and Dimmi Come, the first single taken from the album, brought the change of language with which Alexia is singing. Of course on the album one song is in English, but now Alexia is mainly singing with the beautiful Italian language. It's absolutely great combination with her sweet strong voice. This can be the way to even bigger success around the world!!