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Jefferson Airplane Alexander the Medium Lyrics

Last updated: 10/14/2009 11:00:00 AM

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When the time does come near again
When the day does seem clear again
Make it in the night time
The dream ends in the light time XX
All of you come away
Just a bow shot away
Let me tell you 'bout a story now
A tale of glory and power
And I don't even know your name
But I thought I'd tell you all about it just the same
We are all creatures of fame, lightness and liberty
In the days of the olden times XX
Of ancient ladies and maritime splendor
Priests of Karnak and Thebes
Could walk through the oceans and the seas XX
And when the pyramid she would sigh
The waters streamed from the sky
The ocean you know she is your friend XX XX
Your brother, your sister just as sure as sin XX
Put your hands in the water
Rest your feet on the sea
You don't have to let your body die
Oh, no no no XX
You can come back again if you try, if you try, if you try XX
This song was made then by you and me
A billion years before these oceans rolled
Oh I can see you burning brightly
You shine like silver like sun gold
And a hundred years from today
All you people will be gone away
Down into the heart of the sea
Back to the time of wonderwhy you and me XX
And I don't even know your name
But I thought I'd tell you all about it just the same
If you laugh real hard you win the game - hands down
Before old Alexander 'twas just the same as now
Can you smell the blood of fame, lightness and liberty?

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