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Alexander Rybak – A musical missionary.

Alexander Rybak’s phenomenal journey began at the tender
age of five. His little family of three had moved from
Belarus and settled at Nesodden, a short ferry trip from
Norway’s capital Oslo. Natasja and Igor, his parents, were
both professionally trained musicians and teaching their
son the violin and piano was the most natural thing in the
world. Alexander practiced like a top athlete, his
endurance being quite rare in a society preoccupied with
other leisure activities and sports. Soon it More...

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Review about Alexander Rybak songs
A lovely song of love | Reviewer: Rima
    ------ About the song I'm In Love performed by Alexander Rybak

This song is very nice and melodious to here, Lyrics are too good. Alex, you are a talented guy. keep up the good job, it makes me happy and i am addicted to listen to your songs.

... | Reviewer: Nariman
    ------ About the song 5000 Letters performed by Alexander Rybak

Brilliant song! Actually the music is from the song of Valeriy Meladze "Kak ti krasiva segodnya (How beautiful you are today)I was wondering in these days: it could be beautiful to hear it in English and then I came across with this version! I love a girl, I wish we could listen this song together

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