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With humble beginnings in Baltimore and then solidifying their lineup in Raleigh, North Carolina, the genre-blending quintet called alesana has come a long way in order to bring you their musical vision and incendiary live performance. Exploring the heights of love and the lows of heartbreak and bitterness that often follow, alesana's music strikes a universal chord with audiences around the world. Fans embrace the emotional sincerity and undeniable intensity of the music while reveling in the reckless abandon with which alesana performs. Formed in October 2004 when guitarist/vocalist Shawn Milke, guitarist Patrick Thompson, vocalist Dennis Lee, bassist Steven Tomany, and drummer Daniel Magnuson, alesana quickly became a staple of the burgeoning Raleigh post-hardcore scene. Metal and hardcore fans were drawn to alesana's gut-wrenching vocals, solid riffs, blasting double bass and intelligent breakdowns. Progressive fans were drawn to their cascading song structures and deft control of dynamics, and emo/pop punk fans were drawn to their catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics. In May 2005, alesana signed with Tragic Hero Records and began work on their debut EP. The disc "Try This With Your Eyes Closed" was released in mid-June 2005 to an ever-expanding fan base eager to take alesana home with them. Word-of-mouth, internet promotion and online sales have given fans around the world access to alesana, landing the EP in Europe, Australia, Central America and across the nation. Since the release, alesana has been hard at work playing shows across the region (including the Cornerstone Festival and an episode of the MTV series "My Super-Sweet Sixteen") and writing new material for their first full-length release. xoxo alesana

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the best band ever | Reviewer: darian | 2/28/12

ALESANA is the awesomest shyt alive so far ive heard. they are completely different from anyone else. their vibe is unique and brilliant. and their lyrics are fantastic and beautiful!!!!!

I FREAKING LOVE ALESANA | Reviewer: taylor | 7/19/10

i freaking love shawn milke he is the best,hottets one in the band i love that band soo much my favorite song by them is beautiful in bnlue and the thespian and to be scared by an owl <3 i love this band to death...oh and there heart felt lyrics <3 ...<3 u shawn

greycee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/10

alesana rocks love u guys been wanting 2 go c u guys at the warped tour so hope i go 2 the panoma one love ur music really relates 2 relationships n tats why i love u guys sooooooo much i listen 2 ur guyses new cd release everyday!!!!!!

Alesana 4 Ever!!!!!! | Reviewer: Punkprincess2626 | 4/5/10

I love alsana so much ive been dying to go to one of there concerts but never get the chance to.... there like my heros<3 u have no idea how hard it is to explain how increadably awesome they are.....there lyrics are the bestest ive ever seem,they put so much emotions into them, its like they dump there whole emotions into a song.... omg i reeally wanna meet them...that would be my wish.keep rocking my socks alesana

A reborn fan | Reviewer: Andy | 2/12/10

I'm 43 so you can guess I've grown up with bands like black Sabbath,gillian,motorhead all the oldies
but I've been reborn with an amazing band.What can you say FANTASTIC,COOL and AMAZING and cant wait seeing then in Nottingham in March cant wait.Ps sitting here Listening to the new CD Cool.

alesana is da shiizzz | Reviewer: i soo love alesana and harry potter xD | 11/13/09

gahh! i heard of alesana from..deviantart...and i fell in love from the first note!! i looovee them! their heart-felt lyrics, their screaming...their everything...their lyrics are really emotional and you can really connect to them! and Shawn Milke is..uber awesome!! <3 rawrrr i loove them!!! =D and all of you ppl who dont lyke just..dont know the good stuff =P they have the bestest screaming ever, the bestest bass and drums and guitars ever, the bestest lyrics ever...they're just da best yo!! gaahh! i LOOVEEE ALESANA!! they should neverr stop playing! <3 ALESANA <3 i simply love them....they're amazing...=)

Well, | Reviewer: Brittany | 10/12/08

i have listened to Alesana's music before i didnt really fall in love with it.I think that there a pretty interesting band though.i like probably three,or four of there songs,the only ones i really know from them.Im hoping to get to know about them some more and listen to more of there music.(:

EFFING AMAZING D00D!!! | Reviewer: Fushia Lust | 8/22/08

I effing love Alesana they're the best band in the world by far and they're all sexy but thats besides the point =)!!! and they're lyrics have meaning and emotions unlike other bands or rap music... The first song i heard i fell in love with them and liked a totally different genre of music and im happy because of it =)!!! ALESANA IS MY FAVORITE BAND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD I LOVE THEM THEY'RE THE BESTT =)!!!

Alesana fans add me on myspace im under Savannah lovesalesana

WTF!!! <,--,> | Reviewer: I.Scream.My.Lungs.Out | 8/12/08

well well well, alesana...
my favorite band
Best screams
best growls
best voice for the vocalist
all i can say is...

My love i cant find the words to tell you....

how i greatly love this band
my band play it's song
i scream and do the vocals
it's hard
but keeping in mind that alesana can do it
so can us?

Spec-fuckin-tacular | Reviewer: Billy | 6/27/08

I heard Alesana about a month ago on my buddy's ipod, and I was instantly blown away by them. They are one of the best bands out there, and they are just like my favorite band FINCH. They both have some emo/punk sound, some metal sound, and they the singer can scream like no other. Alesana is AWESOME.

fave band | Reviewer: hXc ashley | 6/4/08

alesana is freakin uh-MAZING, they are my favorite band and i cant wait till i go to best buy to get their new album, i have been waiting for it since april, they have good shows, they should have more in their hometown so i can see them A LOT more!!! keep up the awesome work alesana!!

The best band out there!!!!!!!:) | Reviewer: Ashlee | 11/20/07

Alesana is the best band out there right now. the music is the best ive heard in so long. they need to make more vidoes though.

alesana rox your sox!!!!! | Reviewer: alex | 11/1/07

alesana is the best band in the world
their ambrosia music video is the best music video i've seen from such an underground band rising up

alesana rocks!!!!

Amazing! | Reviewer: Lady_Emo | 10/3/07

hey our maids hates the screams! i was annoy by them not liking alesana!!!

they're amazing! they're lyrics are so lovable.....

AWESOME MAN !!! | Reviewer: roxazlee | 9/15/07

Since the moment i was inroduced to this band...
i knew i would fall in love with it...

this band...i dont know what to say man...
im lost for words...

great vocals...
great grindcore and screaming...
great bass and drums...
everything bout this band is great...

their ambrosia video is amazing...
totally blew me away...
they should consider making more videos...

screw all those who hate this band...

God Job Guys !!
Keep up the good work and continue to make even better music...

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