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Alejandro Sanz Biography

Last updated: 08/03/2011 12:00:00 PM

Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro was born 18 December 1968 in Madrid, Spain. His star sign is Sagittarius. He lived in Pueblo Nuevo till he was 13 years old. " When I was a little boy I don't identify with the other boys from neighborhood too much and it didn't mean that I felt different, nut while Jesus - his single brother, a year older than him - liked playing soccer with his friends, I was more introvert, I was very anxious in myself."

His first toy was an "exin castillos", but his favourite toy was a tape-recorder. His parents give him a guitar when he was 7 - he would torture everybody playing it everynight - however he was very convinced that he wanted to be a shoemaker. His more interesting living were when he was a child in his parents' country, Andalucia, where he went each summer. " I don´t know how old I was, because I was still a child, but my oldest remember is about Alcala de los Gazules, my mother's town: we were there, in the town square, playing hide-and-seek with my brother and other friends when I realized everybody started to pick a quarrel with a girl, I don't know why, but the poor girl was havin a bad time. I didn´t think twice and I wen to defend her and face with everybody. I felt like the brave prince, I was happy because people went away and they left her in peace, we made very friends from that moment".

His father had got an artistic agency, but he had taken part in some groups and recordered as studio singer. His sponsor was Manuel Alejandro, a song genious and doubtless, the most important spanish composer, author of the most important Raphael and Rocio Jurado's hits and other singers.

When he was 13 he would moved Madrid, Moratalaz neighborhood when he'll became a normal boy with usual friends " I always got angry with my girlfriends about boys things, I remember that with the first one, Marta, I was always because she liked going upper-class discos and I and my friends hated them and I was always with my guitar, trying to play Paco de Lucia's songs. My two favourites songs were ' Pongamos que hablo de Madrid ' and ' Dejame ' of ' Los Secretos '. I don't know how many versions I did ! I was singing them to my neighborhood friends all day and they were listening to them down in the street ever and more everyday."

Alejandro has felt devotion for his family. He has his family photos in his wallet. He bought a Mercedes to his father when he could do it and he set up a hairdresser for his mother. In 1994 he left Moratalaz and he moved a luxurious neighborhood in the north of Madrid, with secret address that his fans would find it soon. A big house with 600 m2 in 4 floors. He is still living with his family.

" I was going to a professional academy called Teide and it was near from Mayor Square. I was wanted to be administrative. It was a little school that I remember with a big smile. When I got there I was a bit lout. I had been expeled from institute because I was breaking doors, jumping tables... I was a good boy but I was not understand when I got to the new academy. I was a misfit. I want to know nothing about people and I thought nobody could understand me. Then, thanks to Vicente, the Principal - who Alejandro would take to work with him carrying his red tape - and my classmates I found a new world and I started interesting in everybody."

One of his biggest frustation is that he could have had more learning, so he try developing constantly. He love reading and his favourite writers are Becquer, Tagore, Rosalia de Castro. He has got almost as a rule reading and writing before going bed. Well, he is writing almost everytime he always takes a little notebook or a tape-recorder because he can have an inspiration any time. He writes sheets and sheets of paper. " You need write a lot if you want what you write was good" and he has a discipline. " My favourite time working is at late night. I spend my time at home many days, I go out a couple of hours at night to meet my friends, and at one or two I go back my room and I start working."

His musical likings are very varied and get pop or melody songs, Flamenco, Jazz, etc... His favourite cities are Madrid and Sevilla. He doesn't read horoscope, but superstitious he is a bit, he doesn't let anybody from his team wear in yellow on the stage. He's untidy but very punctual. He has got a place where he can be close to sun in his house, because he likes having a sunbath. He likes big salads, withe rice, oisters, fideua, shellfish and he hates al kind of entrails. He drinks isotonic drinks in concerts " It's an idea I took from Sergio Dalma " and he takes a shower and changes his clothes everytime he go in and out his house. He likes going gym everyday and he loves Tenis, his favourite sport. To travel he prefers train that car or plane.

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