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The Cataracs Alcohol Lyrics

Last updated: 07/23/2012 11:00:00 AM


I don't go out much
so I can't say I do this
you don't try to test me
'cause I ain't really gotta none prove it
I'm a master, I rapped up,
I move faster, I'm vicious hoe, delicious hoe
diminish and finish to my list
I can date you or seat date you
or I can out it in your face too,
so many ways I can break you
I'm a smoker but I seat bitch cup while I burn this joda
bitch hold up is you drinking
is you drinking


alco-alco-alco alcohol

OKay I'm twisted wizz the bitches what's happening
waves the harvard you gives it
..I'm rapping
wait wait now that was so shameless
I should turn it down
but I'm fresh up stage bitch
and I tour it down
f*ck A list I'ma stay low pride
ass so thick but I waste slow cal
have a drink it's okay
my table is..let it stay honor
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