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Alarum Biography

Last updated: 10/28/2005

Australian metal fusion band Alarum have been around since 1996... ( originally more in the death metal style they were formed in 1992 by drummer Matt Racovalis & joined soon after by guitarist Mark Evans.) Over the years the band have developed their technical/progressive style of jazz fusion influenced death/thrash metal to include a variety of styles and are now known as one of Australia’s best metal bands.

The original lineup released the “Another World” demo in 1994 & had the song “Silence” included on Def Records ‘Death Down Under’ cd in 1995.
When guitarist Scott Young & vocalist/bassist Mark Palfreyman joined in 1996, the “Blueprint” demo was released and in late 1997 Alarum went in to Back Beach Studio’s , Rye and recorded “ Fluid Motion” with D.W.Norton.
“Fluid Motion” was released mid 1999.

Touring of Australia followed the release of ‘Fluid Motion’ until a 2002 promo was recorded as pre-production for a new album and to show the bands developing sound.

Throughout 2003-2004 the band revisited Back Beach Studio’s to record ‘ Eventuality ‘, this time with Theron Rennison and assistant Rick Luke. ‘Eventuality’ was released in Australia independently through MGM distribution Nov 2004 and in the US at the same time through Willowtip Records.

The band received 4 awards at the 1st Australian Heavy Metal awards night held at Metal For The Brain recently for their efforts throughout 2004. Alarum received Best Bass Player, Best Drummer, Best Band and Best Album for their release ‘Eventuality.’

JJJ Full Metal Racket ( Australia’s national metal radio show) listeners and host Andrew Haug also voted ‘ Eventuality ‘ the best Australian metal release of 2004. ‘Eventuality’ has been receiving positive response in Australia & worldwide and is soon to be released in Europe.

The Band is currently preparing for tours, new video clip releases and writing has begun for the bands 3rd album.