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It will come as no surprise to music fans that Alan Jackson
is, himself, a traditional country music fan with a
storehouse of honky-tonk classics in his repertoire. What
might open a few eyes is the fact that a man who is so red
hot as a songwriter today would pause in his career to tip
his hat to the songs of the past.

Under the Influence finds the much-awarded Jackson kicking
back to relax with his buddies in the studio. He says he
did the album for fun, without heed to commerciality.
Somewhat to his surprise, the executives at More...

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Review about Alan Jackson songs
we were really moved! | Reviewer: Reza
    ------ About the song Where Were You performed by Alan Jackson

i am Studying English in my country Iran. once i listened to this song i was really moved by the song and the voice. my family and i rememmber the day when the towers were burning and we were shocked by that scene. God bless those poeple who perished on that day and God help us to keep us away from these catastrophic events.

Awesome | Reviewer: Cathy
    ------ About the song Are You Washed In The Blood performed by Alan Jackson

I was surprised when he came out with this gospell cd considering he has been singing country music all this time. But, I love this album and I can not wait untill I can hear his new gospell album that just came out. It also has a very good choice of songs on it. I recomened that everyone buy both albums and listen to them. They will do you good!

Memories | Reviewer: Shadow Shrout
    ------ About the song When Daddy Let Me Drive performed by Alan Jackson

I remember my daddy use to have a 1965 ford and i remember sittin on his lap and driving when i was 5 or 6. It makes me cry sometimes remembering the times i've had with my dad. Dad if your reading this I love you and always will

MY OPINION | Reviewer: Mary Joe Echols
    ------ About the song The Angels Cried (Alan Jackson with Alison Krauss) performed by Alan Jackson


Beautiful | Reviewer: Kelsey
    ------ About the song Where Were You performed by Alan Jackson

I was only 3 when this happened, and I still remember watching the second tower come down on the television. I can't recall much more about the day, but I cry every time I hear this song. Nobody could've said it better than Alan Jackson: faith, hope, and love are some good thing he gave us, and the greatest is love.

Smiles | Reviewer: Katie
    ------ About the song When Daddy Let Me Drive performed by Alan Jackson

I remember when I was in kindergarten, my sister would sit me on her lap and let me steer the truck down the road from the bus stop. And now more recently Daddy's letting me drive the boat out on the river. It really is irreplaceable, when somebody lets you drive. Everytime I hear this song I have to smile and sing along because it brings back so many good times.

fond memories | Reviewer: Theresa
    ------ About the song When Daddy Let Me Drive performed by Alan Jackson

When this song first came out, everytime I would hear it it would make me smile remembering my Dad letting me drive the boat, tractor, and his truck. Now that my Dad is now longer with us... it makes me cry. But only from missing him and the wonderful times we had together. Time can seem to go on for forever, but then one day you realize it was all to short of a time.

Chris, you're an idot | Reviewer: Dennis Quein
    ------ About the song Where Were You performed by Alan Jackson

This is in answer to the comment by Chris. How can anyone with a speck of decency dis this song. It is beautiful and from the heart. It so moved me that on the first anniversary of the towers I stood up in church (after clearing it with our priest) and sang the song acapello (sp?)or without music. There were not many dry eyes in the house. Ten years later, I sang it last night at a Karaoke bar and got a standing ovation. It is a beautiful, patriotic song from deep within the heart that captured the hearts and minds of true Americans everywhere, not perverted minds who look for the evil and bad in even the most heart wrenching situations. As far as the comments on Iraq and Iran, despite all the coverage on those two countries, how many of us could actually sit down and draw Iraq and Iran on a map. God Bless Alan Jackson and Tobby Keith as well!

The Little Man | Reviewer: Kathleen Butler
    ------ About the song Little Man performed by Alan Jackson

the song reminds me of what I am currently going through with my business. I am the owner of an employment service and my former Insurance Company of my workers compensation policy has been a struggle for many years. I am currently working with the Department of Insurance and the Department of Labor and soon filing a court motion against my former Workers' Compensation Insurance Company so they can't shut me down. because they can hurt the "Little Man" without realizing they are hurting the "Little Man". I have a perponderance of evidence against them and I am going to do everything it takes to save my business, so they can't shut me down with their so called "big" money. They are greedy and want more money. Without the documentation through out the years I wouldn't be able to proceed with the Department Insurance and the Labor Department. By the time I get through with them, they will NEVER be able to do this to any other small business owner (The Little Man) again.

it's just that way review | Reviewer: Cody Hockey
    ------ About the song It's Just That Way performed by Alan Jackson

i thought the song "it's just that way" was one of the best songs by alan jackson. i give it 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. even people where i live here in syracuse new york really love this song so i also speak for them.

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