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The year 1980 was a rife with headline-grabbing events. It
was an election year in the U.S., with Ronald Reagan given
the nod by American voters. The world mourned the death of
John Lennon. Mount St. Helens erupted in what looked like
an atomic blast.

The biggest news blast in music was country, thanks to the
release of the file Urban Cowboy. Discos changed decor
overnight to become country dance clubs and Americans by
the millions traded in their loafers for cowboy boots. RCA
Records had country's first platinum-selling album with More...

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Review about Alabama songs
Christmas Hypocrisy | Reviewer: Stu Erwin
    ------ About the song Tennessee Christmas performed by Alabama

And how long was the song published before Grant dumped Chapman for Vince Gill?? How hypocritical! Grant's pseudo Christianity built her career and then her true colors show. Performance beats holiness every time.

love it | Reviewer: jeremy d wood
    ------ About the song In Pictures performed by Alabama

i was a kid the first time i heard this song. but it wasnt until the last few years that i really understood what the artist was saying. this song is beautifully written and alabams performs it better than any other artist could have. i cry every time i hear it. even if its just me doing the singing. i absolutely love it

Delta Airlines Angel | Reviewer: Hank Kasson
    ------ About the song Angels Among Us performed by Alabama

It was Christmas of 1999, I was an AmeriCorps VISTA serving in Wichita, Kansas. My grandfather was very ill in a hospital in La Crosse, WI. I had no money to go home with and I was at work n everyone else was gone home to be with their families. I had no money, it would take a miracle for me to get to my grandpa. Out of know this lady shows up to volunteer with me. We talk about holiday plans, I tell her about my grandpa n no money. turns out she gives me a ticket hhome for $100. I return after the new year 2 think her. i could not find her n delta airlines never knew her.

really there are angels amongs us | Reviewer: Amemador
    ------ About the song Angels Among Us performed by Alabama

I was once walking at home when a stranger holding a club emerged i was a little boy then . i dont know what to do but mysteriously i was able to run and jumped the hegde behind the back door . The straner made away with some articles and kill our only dog. I really know it angel who guided me to escape

Angels Among Us | Reviewer: Charlotte
    ------ About the song Angels Among Us performed by Alabama

Great song, I've been trying to find Alabama's web address so I can buy the CD "Cheap Seats" which includes "Angels Among Us" song. Please let me know how to buy this cd.

This song touches me | Reviewer: Rob Hoggle
    ------ About the song Angels Among Us performed by Alabama

THis song gets to me really because my girlfriend was diagnosed with colin cancer earlier this year and we have had some dark tomes but angels really do exist and this song and the angels have helped us through these tough times !!!

remeberance | Reviewer: amanda
    ------ About the song Angels Among Us performed by Alabama

this song touches a special place in my heart. in the last 2 years i have lost 3 cousins my age (late 20's early 30's) and my grandfather, all for mediacl reasons, and it make me think that they are now an angel for anyone who needs some guidence throught their tring times in life..... NEVER give up, if you speak up they will listen. they were very kind caring loving people. God bless them and may they rest in peace. we all love you:)

in memory of my son | Reviewer: sheila
    ------ About the song Angels Among Us performed by Alabama

This song i deacate to my son whome i lost may3,2002 he was killed by a drunk driver as he was walking with his friends.He was only one that got hit. This song makes me wonder who he be today what he be doing .He was type of kid that would do any thing for u and never ask for any money or any thing in return.. he was killed a month before he graduated from high school and 2 monthsand 6 days from turning 18. My son was a special kid he touched everyones heart in more was then one. He knew how to make u laugh when you was down.And he knew when to crack a joke at right time. He is my angel now. he was my only son.It kills me now cause i can not have any more kids due to a surgery i had for cancer. I have to girls and it was hard on them when he was killed. Hard for them to walk across stage and graduate knowing he didnt graduate and wasnt there but he was. He was looking over them at all times. I miss you so much joel. Love ur mom....

If I Had You | Reviewer: Janet C
    ------ About the song If I Had You performed by Alabama

This is yet another example of why Alabama is one of the best groups to turn to if you want a slow dancing, tear bringing love song. No one can get the feelings across like this lengendary country group can

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Five O'Clock 500 performed by Alabama

I never heard this song till I saw it on YouTube combined with a Dale Earnhardt Sr Tribute. It is so fitting and such a great song.

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