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Ask Al Stewart to sum up where he is now, musically
speaking, and you're likely to wind up two steps behind
where you started; this is by no means an unusual
circumstance in conversation with Al, keenly aware as he is
that making a leap forward often entails taking a step
backward. Sometimes it's into the library stacks where the
late historian Ms. Tuchman dug for material. Sometimes it's
into the record stacks where the late rocker Mr. Cochran
made his mark as a teenager singing his "Summertime Blues"
so many summertime's ago.

In many ways, the summertime of Stewart's 2009 much More...

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Laughing--or crying? | Reviewer: Larryf Foe
    ------ About the song Laughing Into 1939 performed by Al Stewart

The song describes a party on New Year's Eve, 1938, in London. A beautiful woman works the room while a young man watches from the shadows. The King and Queen appear on the balcony at Buckingham palace to the delight of the crowd below. Everyone is celebrating the coming of the new year.

In contrast to the gaiety of the lyrics, the melody is in a minor key, slow and mournful. For the songwriter knows, but the revelers do not suspect, that the coming year will bring the catastrophe of World War II. They are laughing into 1939, oblivious. This juxtaposition gives the song its emotional power. Brilliant. Blew me away at the first listen.

awesome lyrics | Reviewer: Chris good song guy
    ------ About the song Year Of The Cat performed by Al Stewart

Sounds like it is in South Asia India or Sri Lanka, a tourist is enchanted by a beautiful young woman who is in the year of the cat possibly an astrological year for her to marry or find love. He has to go home sometime, but does not want to,and maybe taking her home is out of the question. As anyone who as ever met someone and been charmed by a woman from the east, you know no matter what happens when you go home you never get over her, if someone has a better idea of the songs meaning hit me up x24farrell at

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