Al Stewart Albums

  • A Beach Full Of Shells Album (5/1/2005)
    Immelman Turn
    Mr. Lear
    Royal Courtship
    Rain Barrel
    Somewhere In England
    Katherine Of Oregon
    Mona Lisa Talking
    Class Of '58
    Out In The Snow
    My Egyptian Couch
    Gina In The Kings Road
    Beacon Street

  • Between The Wars Album (5/8/1995)
    Night Train To Munich
    Age Of Rhythm
    Lindy Comes To Town
    Three Mules
    A League Of Notions
    Life Between The Wars
    Marion The Chatelaine
    Joe The Georgian
    Always The Cause
    Laughing Into 1939

  • Famous Last Words Album (9/21/1993)
    Feel Like
    Angel Of Mercy
    Don't Forget Me
    Peter On The White Sea
    Genie On A Table Top
    Charlotte Corday
    Night Rolls On

  • Last Days Of The Century Album (8/24/1988)
    Last Days Of The Century
    Real And Unreal
    King Of Portugal
    Red Toupee
    Where Are They Now
    Bad Reputation
    Josephine Baker
    License To Steal
    Fields Of France
    Ghostly Horses Of The Plain
    Helen & Cassandra

  • Russians & Americans Album (5/1/1984)
  • Indian Summer Album (10/21/1981)
  • 24 Carrots Album (8/20/1980)
  • Time Passages Album (9/1/1978)
  • Year Of The Cat Album (7/1/1976)
  • Modern Times Album (3/1/1975)
  • Past, Present & Future Album (5/1/1974)
  • Orange Album (1/1/1972)
  • Zero She Flies Album (4/1/1970)
  • Love Chronicles Album (9/1/1969)
  • Bed-Sitter Images Album (10/6/1967)

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