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The mere act of surviving on a day to day basis is the
foundation from which a true artist builds his craft.
Multi-talented newcomer AKON is no exception to this rule.
His dynamic debut album, TROUBLE, a collection of stirring
songs, creatively reflects the ups and downs of the
singer/songwriter/producer's life experiences. A crafty
blend of soulful hip-hop, TROUBLE is AKON's vibrant first
time tour-de-force.

"TROUBLE evolved from the struggles I went through and what
I did and am still doing to correct those things," offers
AKON, More...

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Review about Akon songs
really majestic | Reviewer: nasiya
    ------ About the song I Wanna Love You performed by Akon

this is the ever cool song i have ever heard . It makes me feel something inside me , like to enjoy loving and fall in love with someone . Really love you akon . Am really in love with u for this song .

Sorry you can put the blame on me | Reviewer: Sunnyday
    ------ About the song Sorry Blame It On Me performed by Akon

Akon kip it up...I love u n treasure u as an african treasure.. You are a blessing to the world.. You gon' mak it to the top...Thou sorry is just a five letters word buh its d most-powerful word, even b4 Love

Let love leads | Reviewer: Bella Joseph
    ------ About the song Lonely performed by Akon

Tankxxxxxxxxxxx to AKON who sang dis song. Cuz wen Eva am listening to d song "lonely" it touches my heart en fills me wit a lot of joy. Infact it encourages me neva to give up on love. Love u akon..............,

D best heartful song | Reviewer: Oshitu K. Ovikugbe
    ------ About the song Lonely performed by Akon

Akon: U ar a blesing to all men, a remedy to all broken heart nd De Best singer ever exist 4 givin us songs lyk ds "lonely".BIG tanks to U and a greater tanks to d giver of ur knowledje

Yu never took the time to know me | Reviewer: Buffallo seniour
    ------ About the song Never Took The Time performed by Akon

I luv this song so much upto know though it makes me feel like i'll cry coz it reminds me of my X gal who left me just like a driver who is joining a highway without caution but its seems like she never took the time to know me...Akon you rock n am your number 1 fun

memories<3 | Reviewer: tiakaydolf---teetee
    ------ About the song Keep You Much Longer performed by Akon

This song:(

Wow it has memories special ones though,it bring laughter crab singing and most of all loves and tears to our eyes...
The first person to sing to me keep u much longer I treasured but unfortunately the key to the treasure box got lost but I bit of love is still in there:)

Akon he is the best in all his songs I love each and everyone of it no doubts about it:):)

From one and only teetee

Doolie you are miss when u come to mind:(


A song i play each moment especially in sad mood | Reviewer: Everblizn steve
    ------ About the song Belly Dancer performed by Akon

it remind me a lot and each time I listened to it, no matter the degree of my sorrow, I become happy once more... it reminds me my girl friends while in the college when we were still teen and now many of them can be found around, we all had partd. I call it my teen hit. still playing over and over again. even now, let me play it again.

you are wrong | Reviewer: frank
    ------ About the song Journey performed by Akon

This is for them who don't know Akon...
Don't judge a person by his clothes..
A rich heart can be under a poor coat..
Akon really is a hero...
He has done things you can imagine..
So don't give such comments....
If you can respect him you have no rights to talk shit..

akon | Reviewer: oyeyemi from nigeria
    ------ About the song Gun Shot performed by Akon

akon music has being rulin in my heart long time ago and l stil cnt help it ... If really he is readin has I write, I love U Akon and how I wish so bad to fulfil d dream of seein U

Alwayz learn hw 2 say sorry | Reviewer: Adana
    ------ About the song Sorry Blame It On Me performed by Akon

Dat song was so interestin nd i luv it so much, even i alwayz play it weneva am lonely, nd dat song taught ppl so many tinz e.g 2 alwayz learn hw 2 say sorry in a simple word coz som bliev dat dey cann't say sorry even wen dey ar guilty or nt. I lov dat all akon song bt 4 dat 1 i luv it most. Akon kip it up!

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